Sunday, August 31, 2008

With Phuong Mai

On Friday 29th of August, my friend Mai came and stayed over for one night at my place. We got so much things to chat and I wished she could stay longer. We went out to have our dinner and shopping nearby.

At a Chinese restaurant called Soup Restaurant.

After our dinner, we went to play games in an arcade center.
I love to play Bishi Bashi!!!

Mai was the winner in this racing game. ^^

We bought sushi for our supper here.

My friend is so cute!

A close shot of us, before Mai going back soon. I missed her already...

After that, I went to the Comex show to search for my new camera and a portable hard drive.

Bought ice-cream on the way.

Look at the crowd at the Comex show, it's so crowded! So I just quickly bought my stuff and got out of that place.

But it's really worth it for my efforts to squeeze in there, because I got this camera at a cheaper price and lots of freebies. It includes two 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, two batteries, 1 camera case, 1 cleaning kit, 1 tripod stand, 1 dry box, 1 screen protector.

At first, I was thinking between this camera and the Olympus Mju 1060, but that one was still not available at the Comex show. So I decided on this Sony DSC-T300. I'm glad that I bought this, I love it so much with its touch screen display and many other functions.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meeting my friend

I met up with one of my best friends yesterday. She was my classmate and we've known each other for about 10 years already. Since I've moved to Singapore, we hardly can meet each other, so I was very excited to see her. She came to Singapore on a business trip and stayed in Singapore for 6 days. I met up with her on the very first day she arrived in Singapore.

As she was staying in a hotel on Sentosa Island, I decided to wait for her at Vivocity. After showing her some sceneries on the rooftop of Vivocity, we took some photos and went for dinner.

We also went to Orchard Road and she was very excited to do some shopping in Orchard Road as well!

I saw this cotton pattern of the sky that day. So pretty!

On the rooftop of Vivocity, I was trying to call my friend, she was late for about one hour...

Waiting for her in front of the train station...

I did my own manicure...

On my left is my friend, Mai in white shirt and on my right is her colleague, Lien in red shirt. This is the first time I met Lien and I like her a lot too. She is so cute and she has a Yaeba (a double tooth) which is I find it's very charming when she smile.
And oh, when I saw Mai walking out from the train station, I was so happy and jumped on her, that moment my bracelet broke and all the beads dropped onto the floor...Not again!!! Last time my necklace broke at Vivocity too, when my nephew jumped on me...I like this bracelet very much, so I still picked up the beads and will try to fix it next time.
They went to play in the water, but I couldn't...So I helped to take photos of them, heee...

Three happy girls!!!

With my dear friend!

After that we went to Orchard to do some shopping...

At Far East Plaza...

I had so much fun going out with my friends and they are also photos maniac like me. We took photos everywhere, even inside the toilet, awww...But most of the photos were taken with my friend's camera, which I have to wait until this Friday, when she comes to my place to stay for a night before she flies back.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Extra horizontal line on my finger.

I don't have anything interesting to blog about right now. I still go skating often, but I don't have anyone to help me take photos. So I don't have any photos of me skating...

But I want to share with everyone this...
I have an extra horizontal line on my baby finger on my right hand since birth. I'm always curious about it. My friends and family find it's cute and special, even my Mom always tell me she will always recognize me by touching my hand. But still nobody can answer me why do I have that cute little sign.

I wonder is it a common thing that lots of people out there may have this? So far I have never seen anyone around me has the same as mine.

I also want to know the meaning of it and why it happens that I have an extra segment on my baby finger. I will show some pictures of my hands and would really appreciate if anyone can explain my questions.

Below is my right hand with an extra horizontal line on my baby finger.

I was bending my fingers to see exactly where the horizontal lines are in relation to the joints.

This is my left hand, it's normal with only three segments and the length of the baby fingers of both my hands are the same.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Singapore Tree Top Walk

This is my nephew idea that's why I went to the Tree Top Walk. I've never been there before. But I was surprised that I still got lots of energy and stamina to walk at least 5 km. It took us 3 hours to complete our whole walk back to the starting point, including resting time and taking photos. I perspired a lot but it was really fun when we discovered more about nature. Usually only pretty flowers will catch my attention. But this time, I was interested to look at insects and plants too. My nephew always stopped and point at something that he discovered including strange pattern of leaves, fungus on the trees, lots of spiders and insects...I still didn't dare to touch them though. I think this is a good way of exercise. At the end of the day, my nephew said he want to come back here next time. Maybe not only this place but we can discover more about other nature reserves in Singapore.

Follow the trail.

The first insect that we saw!!!

Continue walking...

Reach Terentang Trail...Isn't the sign cute? I think it's cute! Heee...^^

I didn't feel tired until I reached here...

Are those Ling Zhi?

I took photos of lots of pattern leaves. This is my favourite!

Finally we reached the bridge.

The bridge is very narrow as you can see...

From the bridge I took these photos.

Greenery is what we saw...

Back to the forest.

A big fallen tree...

When we reached here, it was so bright, as if we walked out from the dark... And everyone started to feel tired, so we rested longer here before walking back to the starting point. For me I even felt sleepy...=___=