Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mocca carnival

It's been a long time since the last time I updated my blog. Because I don't have anything to blog about these days. But someone told me that my blog is a personal blog, so I should blog about anything regardless of how pointless and nonsense it is!

So here we go...

We went to the Mocca carnival at Downtown East today. After seeing their advertisement on TV, I was curious to go and see if I could find anything that I like. But it's not as what I expected, it's not even crowded! It's really just some boring sale promotions, no fun games, nothing colorful like a "carnival" at all! I left that place after 10 minutes.

I bought these cute desserts after that. Blueberry cream, strawberry pudding, tiramisu and chocolate shortcake!

All mine! Really!


My happiest part of the day was eating chilli crab at Lau Pa Sat!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chobits become reality

This is Aiko. She is a gynoid. Her entire outer body is made of silicone and she even has BRAINS software. She is being developed to become a Chobit.

What is a gynoid? A gynoid is a human-like robot with a female appearance; the gender opposite of "android". Although android is often being used to refer to both "genders" of robot.

Have you watched an anime called Chobits? Chobits are good looking metal humans practically. They are able to have feelings, sadness, happiness, they can also think for themselves and learn new things by themselves, etc, ...

After knowing about this Aiko project, I'm very excited to see the first Chobit come to reality.

But I wonder...Will you fall in love with artificial women like these instead of real women?

Well, no matter how human-like they can be but without a human soul, they can never replace a real woman. Don't you think so?

Anyway, if you want to know more about Aiko, click Here.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Songs always last

I've stumbled upon my old diary that I wrote over 10 years ago. It's fun reading it again and knowing what my thoughts were last time. I have a habit of writing diary, not only just on my thoughts, but I also draw what I want to remember, write down my favourite songs and inspirations.

I share with you an inspiration inside that old diary.

Songs always last

The most important in life is Happiness.
The secret of happiness is the innocent enjoyment of simple things.
The secret of happiness is seeing one's work as service.
The secret of happiness is a pure heart, empty of malice and self-seeking.
The secret of happiness is reverence for all life.
The secret of happiness is laughing with others, not at them.
The secret of happiness is doing joyfully and willingly whatever needs to be done.
The secret of happiness is the desire to learn rather than to teach.
The secret of happiness is having true understandable friends.
The secret of happiness is relinquishing the sense of "I" and "mine".
The secret of happiness is Love.
The secret of happiness is singing and hearing the most favourite songs.
Song is to express emotion, happiness, love and everything in this world.
Song transmits the better things and the reality that everything in life should be enjoyed for what it is.
Along with the few eternity things - great songs always last...

Be happy always!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Green Apple Puppy

I had a very cute dream last night.

In my dream, I went to a restaurant which looked like a Japanese restaurant because everyone was sitting on a cushion on the floor. At the table next to me, I saw no one but a green apple on a cushion. I was very curious and wondered why someone would put an apple on the seat, but not on the table...

The second time I looked at that apple, it was blinking at me with its cute eyes. Oh my god, from an apple it changed to become a puppy. A green puppy! I was shocked!!! I rubbed my eyes and looked at it again, it smiled at me!!! Oh my god, it's super cute! I smiled back and it started walking towards me. I thought it was a robot, maybe it was. I don't know!

I couldn't resist something so cute like that, so I reached out my hand to the floor and it jumped onto my palm. I held it in my palm closer to look clearly at it, it's got a pink heart on the right of its head with a pink tummy and pink cheeks. It also got a stem on its head, just like an apple. It kept smiling at me and said "Eh" in a very soft tone, not "Ehhhh" but just "Eh!". You know, like how you pronounce "E" vowel in Japanese. So I said "Eh" back and it jumped to kiss my cheeks, since it was so close to my face! Oh my god!!!

My dream continued...I was looking around to see if it belonged to someone while still holding it on my palm. But after waiting for quite a while, nobody came and asked for it. I decided to call the staff and tell them about the green robot apple puppy.

Me *pointing at the green apple puppy on my palm*: I think someone left this robot here. I had to go now, please keep it to return it back to its owner.

The staff: Huh? What is that? I can't see anything!

Me: A robot that look like an apple and puppy! Can you see it? *I turn to look at the apple puppy and it said "Eh" to me, so I know it's there!*

The staff looking very confused and told me: "No, I'm sorry. There's nothing on your palm! Please stop making this joke! I have to go now! Sorry!"

After the staff left, I couldn't believe it, that the puppy actually can make itself invisible? I turned to look at the puppy, it's still there so I ask the puppy: " Do you want to follow me home?" The puppy said "Eh" to me and jumped to kiss my cheeks again!!! I brought it home!

That's the end of my cute dream!

I even draw out how this cute little thing looked like in my dream. I named it Gappy after drawing it!!! I'm very happy with my Gappy!!! Ahhhh! *screaming*, Gappy sounds very similar to happy!!! It rhymes!!!

Someone said my Gappy resembles CJ7 in the Stephen Chow movie called "CJ7".

I don't think so, CJ7 cannot make itself invisible and it's not an apple!!!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Bugis Street

This is a very common place in Singapore, so this post is not for the locals!!!

Anyway, these days I don't have any interesting places to blog about, so I just post about my casual trip to Bugis Street! Heee!!!

Bugis Street, as you can see, this is the largest street mall bazaar in Singapore!

There are many shops inside this mall, most shops are selling clothes which you can bargain on the price. There are also many souvenir shops catering to the tourists.

While walking along Bugis Street, I noticed that these trishaws have different designs. There are Transformers, Batman, fishes, rainbow, flowers...Now the tourist can choose their ride according to which design they like. It sounds interesting! Maybe next time when my friends come to Singapore, I would like to have a ride with them.

This is the coolest trishaw that I spotted! A Batman trishaw!

It's me inside a restaurant called Lai Lai. I was playing some games while waiting for my food! A game geek!

Their specialty dish: Taiwanese Beef Noodles!