Friday, December 04, 2009

Random 12/04/2009

Went to "Once upon a milkshake" and fell in love with it! I was drinking Cerious Maple milkshake - maple syrup with crunchy maple cereals! Super duper nice!

A new yummy place added to my favorite list! It is The Handburger located at Raffles City!

Look at their mouth watering burgers! A work of art I tell ya!

Christmas light up at Orchard road this year! Love those pretty ribbons!

Some pictures from my little garden:

I grew this plant for less than 2 months and it's blooming so lovely now!

A flower from my ginger plant.

I often get visits from caterpillars, I usually don't like them chewing on my plants but this one is really cute, so I let it stayed on and considering keeping it as my pet!