Thursday, May 31, 2012

Growing a pineapple house plant

We both love to eat pineapples! Conveniently pineapple crowns can easily be grown as house plants! I show you how!

First, pick a pineapple with a pretty crown, I usually buy it from the supermarket.

Separate the crown from the body by wrapping the crown with a cloth and twist it hard! You can also use your bare hands to twist it but I don't wish to hurt my hands!

The crown then would come out easily after a twist! Now, inspect the base of the leaves to eliminate any scale insects. You want a healthy plant!

Pull out some lower leaves to bare the stalk. You would spot some small brown-colored bumps, those are roots.

I like to pull out all the brown leaves to make it even neater! Then just put it somewhere dry to air it for 2 days and you can plant it straight onto the soil! It's simple like that! Make sure the first time you grow it, the soil is moist but not damp! It would just magically sprout out more roots and become a pretty house plant!

I discovered that pineapple crowns can also be grown like air plants too! Sometimes when I gather too many pineapple crowns, I would leave them hanging around and mist them with water once a week. They will continue living healthily and sprout more leaves without any soil.

They need little care and are very drought resistant. I only water them once a week and never feed them fertilizer at all!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Being natural

I'm currently into being natural! Being natural does not mean neglecting my personal hygiene and self grooming. Also, I'm not against artificial beauty or plastic surgery. It's just my preference that being natural is the best I can be. At the moment of course, I'm not sure if I change my mind in the future!

Heavy makeup is the worst enemy for the skin! I try not to wear any makeup at all nowadays. It saves my time to get ready when going out!

To maintain healthy and glossy skin is a long term commitment! I apply moisturizer every night and wear sunblock in day time, exfoliate and put on a mask once or twice a week! It's nothing have to do with good skin genes, just diligent skin care regimen!

Everyone's skin is different, I've used so many different skin care products until I found those that work best for me!

Remember never squeeze your pimples, apply pimple cream instead. Make sure to drink plenty of water everyday, about six to eight glasses a day.

Lg bought this pot of roses for me! Love it! It smells so nice!!! I will take good care of it!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

City wanderlust

Didn't expect a spectacular birthday, but had a blessed one this year! So many sweet surprises from everyone!

Lately, I have a lot of thoughts on my life! Used to care less about future and just live a comfortable lifestyle! But it's been long enough to stay in a safe zone. It's time to look forward to achieving better than just being contented.

I like red in my color template lately. Feeling a little more ambitious!

We was passing the Red Dot Design Museum and the first time we actually walked in and visited the museum! An ambitious girl suddenly became a cheerful girl and decided to stay happy-go-lucky for the moment.

Then we just walked street after street as I was in the mood of wandering!

Came across this Ann Siang Hill Park and just walked through it anyway.

I love to smile, it's quite tough to keep a worried face even when I have full of thoughts in my head.

The scenery from the hill was lovely!

Oh, I often use Diorama Mode with my Pen E-P3! Love the miniature feel!

Had a closer look at the city and felt grateful to be here!

From now on, I will fight to bring out the best in me! I won't succumb to failure anymore! Happy birthday to a stronger me!

"Gotta keep this trailer moving, no time to cry
So lonely days I say goodbye
Gotta live for today so life won't pass me by..."

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Crispy Fried Rice

Today's menu! Crispy fried rice.
I took effort to take pictures of my cooking process!

Ingredients: Cooked rice, eggs, meat, veggies, onion, garlic, tomatoes.


1. Cook rice the night before (or few hours before) and keep them in the fridge. It will make the rice texture firm and well separated when fried.

2. Mix the prepared rice with an egg. This will give the rice a nice golden color when fried!
3. Prepare meat of your choice. I used minced pork this time. Sprinkle a little curry powder and salt to the meat, mix well. 4. Dice tomatoes into small pieces.
5. Dice onions and chop garlic.
6. Dice soaked mushrooms into small pieces, slice baby corns and celery thinly. You can use any veggie of your choice.

1. Stir fry garlic in oil 'til fragrant, add meat, mushrooms, baby corns and celery. Add a pinch of salt to taste. Put them all on a plate when you're done with stir frying.
2. Using the same pan and stir fry onions in oil 'til fragrant, add prepared rice, stir occasionally. When the rice becomes golden and crispy, add another egg to the pan and stir all together. Add a little salt to taste.
3. Add previously cooked meat and veggie, follow by diced tomatoes to the pan.We both enjoy this meal and Lg's always like to put ketchup on his fried rice. It tastes nice too! The fried rice is crispy and flavorful. Together with the crunchiness of tomatoes make this dish taste refreshing in every bite.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to get a slimmer face

I have chubby cheeks, I thought it's baby fat and it would disappear on its own when I grew older! I waited but it didn't! So I had to find a way to get rid of those chubby cheeks!

My method is very simple! I've been using this face roller to tone my facial muscles by giving my face a lymph massage daily!

You can get this easily at any Daiso store! It's cheap and it does wonders!

Here's how I use it! Start from center of your neck, follow your collarbone and gently push the roller towards the nape of your neck and hold the roller with some pressure right beneath your ears for as long as you want. Hahaha, kidding, only for few seconds to a minute. Don't press too hard, just the right force so that you won't damage your skin.

You would experience slight numbness all over your face if you press the right spots! That's what I experienced and I enjoyed it! This exercise makes my chin area toner and sharper looking!

Now, to make my chubby cheeks lose fat! Start beside the nostrils, press with light pressure and move the roller along the cheekbone lines towards your ears.

Working over the temples and rest your rollers there for a while with light pressure. Repeat the process again few more times.

That's how I make my face slimmer, sharing is caring right?

Happy rolling!