Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Feeding rabbits

Today I went to the Farmart to feed rabbits. I like rabbits very much!!! And I think I will get one or two as pets soon.

I also made friends with two lil girls there today, they were so adorable, especially the younger one...At first she saw me finish feeding the rabbits, and she was asking me if I wanted to take more carrots from her. Then slowly she started to pull my shirt to grab my attention and hold my hand as if we knew each other for a very long time. So cute!!! When I wanted to go, she kept asking me stay for dinner with her family, and when will I come back to play with her. She showed me her bird too. Surprisingly, the bird didn't fly away but just cling on her shoulders. When she passed the bird to me, it also just stood on my hand, make me so happy!!! I want to have one too.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Singapore Jurong BirdPark

We went to the Singapore Jurong BirdPark last weekend. It has a totally new look and even more beautiful now.

Singapore Jurong BirdPark.

Immediately after going inside, I saw a pair of black swans swimming under the bridge. While I was looking at them, my Lg took a photo of me lol .

Here are the swans.

We had our breakfast at Bongo Burgers restaurant. We came here quite early in the morning, so we need to fill our own stomach first, before feeding the birds, heeee...

My burger, it looks big for me though. I don't like to eat burgers as much as Subway sandwiches, but need to fill my stomach...

We visited the African Wetlands after finishing our breakfast.

Look at the water reflection. Lovely! As well as the ducks!

West African Crowned Crane.


Saddle-Billed Stork.

Shoebill. I laugh at it everytime I look at it because it can stand still for hours, and it looks so serious all the time, so funny!!!

Sleeping duck!!!

When we reach here, it started to drizzle, while we were waiting for the rain to stop in a shelter, so coincidentally a train past by, and my Lg took a beautiful photo of it.

This view of the Pelican Cove looks peaceful to me.

Pretty flower.

I love all the blue flowers.

Parrots area.

I like this parrot a lot, it always responded to me by saying "hello" whenever I said something...Even when I said "goodbye"...While most of the other parrots there just ignored us -_-"


Common crowned pigeon.

Bird of paradise.

The Waterfall Aviary.

While walking to the Starling feeding place, I saw this. Cute!!!

Look at its beak, greedy bird. ^^

There was a few Kingfishers among the Starling birds. When feeding time comes, they can be very close to you.

I placed some worms on my palm to attract birds to come...

These birds have beautiful blue feathers, but their heads look like aliens to me lol

This parrot is very fierce or can say brave because it always tried to steal my cup of worms. After that it would break the cup to make it became bigger then hold the cup and eat...

Gangsta parrot!!!

All the same kind of birds standing on this branch.

Flamingoes. If you want, you can click on the image to see clearer.

Enjoying a fully air-conditioned ride in the Panorail.

Watching Birds of Prey Show. It was awesome. I like it very much!!!

Look, so many people watching this show too!!!

After this show we walked to the Lory Loft to feed Lories.

Saw another pretty blue flower on the way.

Lory Loft.

Walking on the suspension bridge~~

This was the first bird that came to me!!!

It's so colourful!!!

I had so many birds standing on my tray.

And they were fighting!!! Acha, acha!!!

After that they decided to queue up.

Tired but a happy day.