Friday, July 25, 2008

Sentosa part 2

We went to Sentosa island again on another day with Er Jie's family. This time, we visited the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom Museum. There are so many different species of insects and butterflies for you to admire inside the museum. I'm not a fan of insects though, I'm afraid of them too, especially cockroaches...But I'm not afraid of scorpions, I've touched a scorpion before. And butterflies are beautiful, I love them too. However my nephew is very brave, he is very interested in insects and always like to hold them in his hands to examine them closely.

This is my favorite set of butterflies. Those glittery blue!!!

While strolling inside the museum, we saw some parrots with their trainer, they were hiding from the rain outside. There were lots of people taking photos with them, so I wanted to take photos with them too. Usually everyone took photos with only one parrot on their arms. I requested for two, hahaha...^^That's why one of the trainers was asking the blue parrot to bite me, so naughty hahahha...I was a little scared at first but the parrot was only nipping on my fingers, very ticklish, not painful at all. So cute!

After the rain stopped, we walked to the Butterfly Park.

There were lots of butterflies around.

You can be so near to them...

Butterflies in a pair! So sweet!

Flowers in a pair!

Even parrots in a pair too! Heee...

The little red bridge! Everytime when I came here, I am always happy to see this bridge, don't know why, it's like I'm in a story book.

We went to play the Luge, this is my second time and I still love to play this again and again!!! I hope the track can be longer. I could only take a photo once before I went on the ride.

After that we took the Skyride! It looks scary, isn't it? But don't worry, the ride is very slow and as long as you're not afraid of heights, you will enjoy the ride.

The view I took on the Skyride!

I shall end this post here. Byeeee!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sentosa part 1

Before going to Sentosa Island, we went to Vivocity shopping centre.

Again is my two nephews playing inside the water, on the roof top of the shopping centre. After that we took a train to go to Sentosa Island.

Our first place to visit is the Under Water World. This is the first time I have ever touched a stingray. After the incident about a stingray that killed "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, I'm a little scared of them. But that day, I'm glad that I was still brave enough to touch the skin of a stingray.

Its skin felt so soft and smooth. They always like to swim close to people and when my hand touched it, it slightly raised its head towards me, LIKE A CAT! That's how I felt. So adorable! That's why I decided to buy something to feed them.

It only cost 3 dollars to feed them with some pieces of fish and squid. I fed them gently and when they came to take the fish, I was afraid that they might bite my fingers too, so I just dropped it into the water for the first time. But after that I directly fed them into their mouth and I could feel them sucking the fish from my hand into their mouths.

You can feed the small fishes inside that fish tank like how I did too.

After that we walked around to see all the exhibitions there. I didn't take many photos as it's very crowded that day. People kept squeezing each other to take photos. So we left for Sentosa beach.

Random photo of a flower that I took on the way.

Sentosa beach!

There was a slight drizzle that day, but we still went down to the beach to play.

Hi to you all!

1, 2, 3 jump!!!

We were so happy playing on the beach.

I was drawing...

A heart!

Completed with my footprint!

It's a Bear's signature!

Cleaning up my feet. It's time to go as the rain had become heavier.

We went to eat something at Delifrance and was waiting for the rain to stop.

But the rain didn't stop at all and my nephews insisted to play the Luge, that's why you can see us in raincoats. Playing the Luge is so fun, we love it and definitely will come back again next time.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Singapore Jurong BirdPark

We went to Singapore Jurong BirdPark recently. We love the BirdPark a lot, so almost every year we'll visit there at least one time. I and the kids are always excited when we see new things. That's why it's never been boring to visit the BirdPark again and again.

This cage is for The World's Most Dangerous Creature. Are we?

This is blue-headed Cassowary. My nephew liked it so much and kept asking me to take some photos of it.

My nephews were so excited when they saw this area, so they decided to stop there to play for a while.

We always love to see this show everytime we come here. This is Birds 'n Buddies Show.

This was the most exciting part. I'm glad that I captured this picture at the right time.

After a wonderful show, my cute nephews still wanted to take photos with the parrots. It was so crowded but I still managed to snap a picture of them with a little parrot behind.

After that, we quickly rushed to see the Birds of Prey show. This is our favorite show too.

The last place we went to is Lory Loft. It's always lots of fun whenever I go for outings with my family members.

Were they kissing? No, they were fighting! hahahaha

I love this photo, how sweet!

Just 5 minutes before we miss the last train, Zhuang Zhuang, one of my nephew insisted to see the water fall. So we rushed there to take some photos and rushed back to the train station.

The BirdPark is a very big and exciting place. But we didn't go to many parts of the park this time. Still, we had plenty of funs and as I always say that's one of my happy days.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Singapore Flyer

Last Saturday was a very happy and fun day for me. I went out with San Jie and her two cute sons. We went to eat the famous chicken rice restaurant in Mandarin Hotel called Chatter Box. Last time, I didn't like to eat there, because I found the standard of the chicken rice doesn't match the price. But this time, they improve a lot. I like it very much! The restaurant shifted their location to the 38th level with incredible views. It made us so excited, we took many photos there this time. After the delicious meal, we went to the Singapore Flyer. This is the first time I took this ride too. The Flyer is really big and wow, I love the view. San Jie was afraid of heights, but she still wanted to experience the Flyer at least one time. At the end of the day, we went for a river cruise in the Singapore river. At that time, my camera's battery was already flat, so I didn't have a chance to take any photos, so we just relaxed and enjoy the night view of the Singapore river.

I will let my photos do the talking now.

Here I am, inside the Chatter Box restaurant. Waiting for my chicken rice.

From my view, I can see the Singapore Flyer and the Esplanade.

My delicious chicken rice! Looks good, smells good and tastes great!!!

After our meal, we got free gifts too, it's chicken plushies.

After that we went to the Singapore Flyer.

A beautiful day!

Me and my two nephews inside the Singapore Flyer capsule.

Heehee!!! ^^

Above pictures are some of the views I took though the glass of the Singapore Flyer. It was really a great experience and a beautiful memory for all of us. We laughed, we joked and enjoyed the view so much! I will definitely want to take the ride again.

I shall end this post here with a picture of my two adorable nephews.