Friday, July 25, 2008

Sentosa part 2

We went to Sentosa island again on another day with Er Jie's family. This time, we visited the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom Museum. There are so many different species of insects and butterflies for you to admire inside the museum. I'm not a fan of insects though, I'm afraid of them too, especially cockroaches...But I'm not afraid of scorpions, I've touched a scorpion before. And butterflies are beautiful, I love them too. However my nephew is very brave, he is very interested in insects and always like to hold them in his hands to examine them closely.

This is my favorite set of butterflies. Those glittery blue!!!

While strolling inside the museum, we saw some parrots with their trainer, they were hiding from the rain outside. There were lots of people taking photos with them, so I wanted to take photos with them too. Usually everyone took photos with only one parrot on their arms. I requested for two, hahaha...^^That's why one of the trainers was asking the blue parrot to bite me, so naughty hahahha...I was a little scared at first but the parrot was only nipping on my fingers, very ticklish, not painful at all. So cute!

After the rain stopped, we walked to the Butterfly Park.

There were lots of butterflies around.

You can be so near to them...

Butterflies in a pair! So sweet!

Flowers in a pair!

Even parrots in a pair too! Heee...

The little red bridge! Everytime when I came here, I am always happy to see this bridge, don't know why, it's like I'm in a story book.

We went to play the Luge, this is my second time and I still love to play this again and again!!! I hope the track can be longer. I could only take a photo once before I went on the ride.

After that we took the Skyride! It looks scary, isn't it? But don't worry, the ride is very slow and as long as you're not afraid of heights, you will enjoy the ride.

The view I took on the Skyride!

I shall end this post here. Byeeee!!!

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