Saturday, August 02, 2008

Singapore Tree Top Walk

This is my nephew idea that's why I went to the Tree Top Walk. I've never been there before. But I was surprised that I still got lots of energy and stamina to walk at least 5 km. It took us 3 hours to complete our whole walk back to the starting point, including resting time and taking photos. I perspired a lot but it was really fun when we discovered more about nature. Usually only pretty flowers will catch my attention. But this time, I was interested to look at insects and plants too. My nephew always stopped and point at something that he discovered including strange pattern of leaves, fungus on the trees, lots of spiders and insects...I still didn't dare to touch them though. I think this is a good way of exercise. At the end of the day, my nephew said he want to come back here next time. Maybe not only this place but we can discover more about other nature reserves in Singapore.

Follow the trail.

The first insect that we saw!!!

Continue walking...

Reach Terentang Trail...Isn't the sign cute? I think it's cute! Heee...^^

I didn't feel tired until I reached here...

Are those Ling Zhi?

I took photos of lots of pattern leaves. This is my favourite!

Finally we reached the bridge.

The bridge is very narrow as you can see...

From the bridge I took these photos.

Greenery is what we saw...

Back to the forest.

A big fallen tree...

When we reached here, it was so bright, as if we walked out from the dark... And everyone started to feel tired, so we rested longer here before walking back to the starting point. For me I even felt sleepy...=___=

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Cacoram said...

Its a very beautiful place, for what can i see. I like the way u describe all the nature and your tour.You seem to be a funny and cute girl. Im sorry for this bad english, but is not my strongest language. Take care. Bye