Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Almost home

I've seen the light in the sky
In the skies are like fireflies
Burning bright, just to vanish in the dark

I've held hope in my two hands
That there would be another chance
To find the kingdom, I'm believing in my heart
Cause underneath the good there's something greater than you know

When you're almost there
And you're almost home
Just open up your eyes and go, go
When you're almost there, almost home
Know you're not alone
You're almost home

When you run, run so far
You've forgotten who you are
Where you're from, it's like some other universe
You count your steps, like they're regrets
You catch one breath then lose the rest
Wrong is right, right is left
And there's nowhere left to turn

So don't believe in everything
You think, you think you know...

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Xiao Bai update

Ever since my dog, Xiao Bai, a 15 years old Maltese started to show signs of old age and sickness, we decided to spend more time at home to accompany him. Me and my husband both agreed that we will only go on holidays when Xiao Bai is no longer with us.

At times, I do crave to travel, but I couldn't stop worrying about his well being when far away from him! Xiao Bai is very attached to me or my presence, and his separation anxiety is really bad!

Dogs are not just an animal like some people think! They are smart and emotional with their own personalities.

He is like a kid to me, even though he cannot speak my language, but he learns to express in many ways! He is a very disciplined and well behaved dog that I've ever known!

He knows when he did something wrong and will try not to look at me at the moment, but slowly he will approach me and slightly rub his head against my hand for forgiveness! He knows when I am happy, he will pound onto me, kiss me all over my face to share the joy with me! He knows when I am sad, no matter how silent I am, he would walk gingerly next to me, quietly shifting his body onto my lap, as if he is invisible! He loves to play, no matter how old he is, his activeness never goes away!

He is a special one that I love dearly! When you know someone like him for more than a decade, he becomes a part of your life, it's hard to say goodbye! We will always be by your side, my dear Xiao Bai!