Monday, April 17, 2017

Baby Diary Part 4

Tuesday 17 March 2015☝️

Today I feel grateful to have met my husband! Not like I've never felt this way before! But today my gratitude towards him is stronger, so I have to express my feelings here! I've meet you at my tender age, the transition of a teenage girl to a 20 years old woman! Thank you for putting up with my sassy attitude then, I had lots of emotional problems and often acting defensive and aggressive over trivial matters! I was restless and ignorant, but you were a real gentleman, even though I thought you might give up on me after so many disastrous fights I've created! But you forgave me and loved me unconditionally, it's you who showed me the light and cheered me up after the storms! You didn't even hold any grudges against me! I bow to your big heart! You always surrender to me the moment I went mad, because you understand that nothing can be solved in the heated argument, so you gave in to me and slowly make me see that I can be a better me today! I admit that I am spoiled by you! But I am no longer a little girl of yesterday! I have grown up into a woman! I will take care of you for this life and the next life! Because it's my honor to be your wife! I treasure every moment sharing with you and it's my turn to put up with your moody attitude sometimes! Because I love you and I'm giving you the best of me!!

- Saturday 21 March 2015

Laogong bought a Calvin Klein wristlet for me today! I super love it! It fits all my requirements! I love the color and the classy design!! It can be matched with casual style or dressy style at the same time!! Thank you laogong!! I will treasure it and use it for a long time!!

- Monday 23 March 2015

Today is the first time I am going to see my baby!! The feeling is indescribable but it's such a surreal experience!! Seeing my baby gave me a touching feeling, even though I laughed and smiled a lot while watching the baby's movement inside my womb, you are so active and you couldn't stop moving your hands and legs while the nurse wanted to take pictures of you! One moment you even somersaulted like a gongfu master!! You got mama's attitude, guarding and social distance!! Haha, the moment the scanner stopped pressing on you, you became calm and sucked your thumb!! Such a smart baby, you surprised me, at 12 weeks you are already practicing self-help, I am so proud of you!

- Wednesday 25 March 2015

I will teach my kid to be patriotic, must have the country in your heart! Must love Singapore and be proud to be a Singaporean, also try your best to contribute to this country, work for the country with pride! Because I love this country and very grateful to be here, so that's why you must love this country! 

- Thursday 26 March 2015

Today laogong brought me to go pay respects to Mr Lee Kwan Yew! We joined the queue around 3 pm and then walked and stood all the way until 6pm, I really couldn't take it any more! I felt nauseous and sick in my stomach, I got dehydrated after standing under the hot sun for hours! On the taxi home, my stomach had a big cramp, like waves of contraction one after another! I was worried, but it's gotten better when I got home and rest!

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Baby Diary Part 3

- 26 February 2015

While on a taxi from Orchard Road back home, my mind drifted into deep thoughts! Even though I haven't had any symptoms of my pregnancy yet but I realized this is so real! I'm afraid this will get even more real! Ready or not, I have come to terms that I have to take it seriously! Closed my eyes and I visualised the scene of me playing with my kid as he/she running towards me! I would hug him/her so tightly!When my kid grow up and have to be far away from my side, I would cry! I feel the sign of possessiveness in me! I can't let my kid work in an airline job! I would miss him/her so much!

I don't want to have a miscarriage at all! I want to hold my kid dearly, kiss his/her soft hair and let them know how much I love him/her, just like how I always show how much laogong means to me and I love him unconditionally!

- Wednesday 4 March 2015

I got brownish spottings until now, not really care when it would go away, but I managed to recover from my running nose by drinking lemon water diligently!! My hubby was surprisingly in a good mood since the day after my check up in hospital, occasionally he still tease me about my pregnancy!😂 I hope he remains like this, makes me less stressful!!! My fingers crossed until the next check up on 23rd of March! 😂

Some update about my pregnancy! Tomorrow I will officially be 10 weeks pregnant but I still don't have any annoying symptoms, I still exercise daily and my weight is 43 kg now!😊

- Thursday 12 March 2015

You are 11 weeks today baby! I can't feel you yet and don't really have any symptoms besides noticing my breast growing bigger! I am not complaining, I hope that I am one of the lucky mothers that can sail through nine months peacefully! My stomach is still flat, no bump yet! Maybe because I exercise daily, at least 30 to 45 minutes a day!

I'm glad that I haven't experienced morning sickness or fatigue yet! Sometimes I do get dizzy spells but it just last for a while or so! I'm still so active that I cleaned all the windows by standing on the cabinet ledge! I do it carefully though!

Next time I want to buy a world map and a geographical globe to play "travel the world" with you! We will learn all about the world together! You will be able to tell me how many continents are there, how many oceans on Earth, name them all and learn all about the world! I am fascinated by the fact that we can learn so many things together! Whatever you're interested, I will be learning with you!

- 16:10 pm Thursday 12 March 2015

When I was listening to my music, as I sang along to my favorite song Run by Leona Lewis, my tears flow down like a broken water tap! The lyric was so sad! As if I am gonna lose someone, which my brain imagine if it's my baby! I told myself you are just a cell now, I forbid myself to feel emotionally attached to you or possessive over you! I can't help but develop more and more feelings for you each day! Don't ever leave me, I will never give you up because you're mine! I'll always be with you, right beside you! So stay with me as long as you can! ☺️

- Friday 13 March 2015

I cooked a huge pot of 500g of black beans today!! Black beans are good for pregnancy, very nutritious! So after I finished simmering them, the beans became soft! I will keep them in a container and refrigerate them, so that I can eat for days!!!

I must take good care of myself! No matter what, my baby will have to be healthy and smart so I try to eat food that provide the nutrition I need for a healthy pregnancy!  Sometimes I crave for some certain things but I stop myself from having it if it's not beneficial to my body! My husband is good to point out what food I should avoid and I really appreciate his help on that! I limited my intake of salt or sugar and cut down on spicy food. I drink plenty of water and milk, but steer away from carbonated beverages.😁

- Saturday 14 March 2015

Laogong bought a whole lots of fruit for me today!! Now in our refrigerator we have avocados, apples, oranges, pomegranates, kumquat, lemon, guava, starfruit, jackfruit, mango, blueberries, jambu and plums!! My favorite is blueberries and laogong bought 5 packs for me!!! I am so spoilt by him!!!💋

Laogong also managed to buy fresh white anchovies for me!! Lately I like to eat anchovies, I can cook omelette or add some to my oatmeal!! We went to Isetan Japanese food fair and Laogong also bought lots of Japanese fish cakes for me and 2 packets of smelt tempura!! I love snacking on these!!💖

I felt so loved! Thank you Laogong!!! You always try to give me the best no matter what!! I am grateful to have you as my husband!! I will try not to be too sensitive or let my emotions ruin my mood!! I must know that you have the right to be moody at times!! You are human, not a robot! So I'll be a better wife, just for you!😘

Monday, April 03, 2017

Baby Diary Part 2

Saturday 21 February 2015 🦅

Laogong brought me to the Bird Park today! He got us two tickets with the one year unlimited visits! We went to The Turf Club yesterday but we were still able to wake up as early as 7:30am today!

The trip was super fun!! After more than 10 years I could join the bird feeding session again! Even though my hubby got a serious face and a smelly attitude since yesterday night, it's because he thought of having a kid in the future, again! But soon after the breakfast, he opened up his heart to me and told me about his thoughts. I appreciate how much laogong loved me, he is my guardian angel, and even though he was afraid that the kid will take away all his time spending with me, but I won't let this happen! We will still have fun, just some changes in the future and we will be able to have fun even with three persons! Please have faith in me! I will sail our boat safely and we will enjoy our journey!💪🏻

- Sun 22 February 2015

Laogong is still on leave since Wednesday! Today I got a craving to eat Spring Rolls but I realized we only have 6 rice papers left!! So I asked laogong to go and buy for me! He was efficient, he changed clothes and went to buy whatever I need!! I love my husband so so much!! He loved me very much too! Even though he couldn't get rice paper for me as they were all sold out, so we only had 6 spring rolls and those tasted heavenly!👏🏻

- Monday 23 February 2015 🌷

Today laogong took leave to rest at home! I suddenly wanted to do the second home pregnancy test, as I still don't feel pregnant at all, so I just wanted to see if my pregnancy is still there! Sadly, it showed a very fainted line on the test kit! But I won't be too upset, I will still resume my life as it was before! There was a lump in my throat, but only for now! There is always a bright side of the life! It doesn't mean when you are unable to attain something, you lose everything!  I still have a happy life ahead with my husband! I will move on with my life!
Don't cry over spilled milk, I won't!

But laogong was trying to cheer me up by saying he will make another baby with me! I know he is kind and just anxious if I looked upset! Don't worry bearbear, I still have hope! But thank you for your kind intentions, it warms my heart! ☺️

- Wednesday 24 February 2015

Today I noticed some light pink stains on my toilet tissue after I wiped myself! I started to worry! Like freaked out! For whatever reasons! I get the fear of miscarriage! I urged my husband to make a hospital appointment! My husband straight away called the hospital to schedule my appointment! But it was late at night, so we have to wait until tomorrow! After I calmed down, I realized that I was over thinking, probably not something to worry at all! Que sera sera! Whatever will be, will be!

Anyway, the calls my husband made to the hospital reassured me about his concern and care towards me! I'm touched, therefore I felt loved and let it be! If it's meant to be, it will be!

By the way, I went to the toilet a second time to carefully check if I still got the pinkish stain, but not at all! So let's wait and see.

- Wednesday 25 February 2015

My husband came home from his Johor business trip and brought me to the Jurong Polyclinic for the pregnancy check up! I did a urine test and the result was positive! ❤ I was in the 9th week of my pregnancy! ❤️ The doctor prescribed 5mg of Folic acid a day for me to eat within a month!

Hubby seems worried! But remember what you promised me? No matter what the outcome to be, you won't give me hard time dealing with your smelly face! You said you won't fight over this matter anymore! So I hope we can deal with this in harmony! On the other hand, I felt relieved and very happy! Like something I always wished for and it slowly showed up, real close! Stay with me, baby! Don't go away!