Thursday, April 23, 2015

The former Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

We went to visit the former Tanjong Pagar Railway Station as it is only open on public holidays! We've never been there before, so we decided to come and have a look!

We took a bus there and walked for a while before we reached the station.

It was crowded, as expected, even though the weather that day was very hot!

We walked around to explore the station.

Most of the rail tracks were demolished, only a small section was preserved!

We like to explore all the nook and cranny of places we've been to!

The demolished part has now become a vast grassland!

Found a small rail track that not so many visitors noticed!

Walked along the corridor!

That's all for our visit! See ya!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Jurong Bird Park - Part 1

To celebrate SG50 in Singapore, Jurong Bird Park has a promotion of one year unlimited entries for the price of one ticket. So we grabbed this chance and refresh our memory about Bird Park! It's been years since the last time we've been there!

We went to the Jurong Bird Park early in the morning!!

Had our breakfast and ready to start our fun day!

The day we went there was during the Lunar New Year holiday, hence we could still have a glance at the New Year decorations!

The Penguin Cove was just next to the entrance, it's very interesting and cooling in there!

Since we have unlimited entries for a year, our first visit was to come for bird feeding, which started at 10:30am.

It's easy to locate the feeding station, it's at the Waterfall Aviary! Before proceeding to bird feeding, we listened and watched the demonstration by the bird keeper to know how to feed the birds in the proper way!

Then purchased our cup of worms to feed the birds!

Commonly we would feed Superb Starling, Helmeted Guinea-fowl and Von der Decken's Hornbill, the rest of the birds prefer fruits over worms.

I noticed the Helmeted Guinea-fowl's unique behavior while feeding them, they are very friendly, so as long as you are not hostile towards them, they will follow you to asked for more food, usually they will come to me as a pair, but only one of them will cautiously take the worms from my cup and then pass to the partner!!! That's so cute!!!

One note for bird feeding, if you intend to feed the birds, don't pull your hands back or else they will remember that action and never come for your food again!

With the worm cup in our hands, we were freely walking everywhere to feed the birds.

When the birds finished our worms, we continued to walk around and explore the Jurong Bird Park while waiting for our second bird feeding session at 2:30 pm.

We came to the Jungle Jewels, a showcase of 'feathered jewels' found in the rainforests of Central and South America. I always carry a water bottle with me, it's very convenient to refill water at the drinking water fountains! Keeps ourselves hydrated!!

It was a sunny day that day, so we saw lots of birds sun-drying their feathers!

Some birds even spread their wings in this good weather!!

It's a very rare sight for us to spot Birds of Paradise, but that day, we could spot lots of them!

We also spotted Horn-bills and Toucans!! 

One of the places I was quite reluctant to visit was the Shore Birds. The odor was too much, I had to hold my breath as I walked through this area!

More bird watching at the Heliconia Walk.

Learned all about the birds that I had spotted!

How many birds can you name?

Spotted Kingfishers!!! Colorful tiny birds that I also often spot around my house!!!

At the Wings of Asia!! Spotted two cranes!!!


I was surprised to spot custard apples that grew inside the catchment areas!!

Captured every moment that caught my eyes!

I'm not sure about the bird feeling, are they happy or contented being here? But I am grateful to be here to learn more about them and watching them!

If they were in the wild, it's impossible for ordinary people like us to be able to spot them, moreover, some of the birds are endangered, so I'm glad that they are protected and being taken care of here!

Beautifully displayed, I believed they really posed for my camera!

Around 2:30 pm, we were back at the feeding station! Here comes our round two of bird feeding! I liked to stalk the friendly bird keeper, he was very helpful and he showed me where I could feed more birds!

On this platform, we were able to attract more birds to feed, feeling really serenity and fun!

I even ordered the birds to queue up, but they fought each other, hahahha!!!

After finished feeding, we continued walking around all the other areas of the bird park that we had not been to.

We didn't have time to see the bird shows or go to the Lory Loft, but that's our next mission!!! See ya!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Singapore River Hongbao 2015

As promised, Lg brought me to the annual River Hongbao during Chinese New Year! I had the same excited feeling each time and was eager to have my barbecued chicken sticks at the food street.

We were both properly dressed up for the New Year.

It was crowded as usual!!! But we were happy to immerse ourselves in the New Year atmosphere.

We walked straight to the food street and explore all the food stalls. I love the crispy fried crabs!!! 5 pieces for $10!!! I bought a lot as I was afraid that I have to wait for another year to eat this! This year, the barbecued chicken tasted different from the taste I had last year! Well, I got delicious crabs, even better!

The stadium seats area were open for everyone!!! It's more convenient to have a seat and enjoy the food! Most of the people cleaned up after eating and there were some staff walking around to help collect the rubbish too! It's very considerate on the part of the event organisers!

When the sun went down, all the huge lanterns lit up!!

There was a tight-rope walking performance that day! Also, there was a kid's carnival there!

After leaving the event, we walked to the Gluttons Bay and had our supper! Happy New Year everyone!