Monday, April 17, 2017

Baby Diary Part 4

Tuesday 17 March 2015☝️

Today I feel grateful to have met my husband! Not like I've never felt this way before! But today my gratitude towards him is stronger, so I have to express my feelings here! I've meet you at my tender age, the transition of a teenage girl to a 20 years old woman! Thank you for putting up with my sassy attitude then, I had lots of emotional problems and often acting defensive and aggressive over trivial matters! I was restless and ignorant, but you were a real gentleman, even though I thought you might give up on me after so many disastrous fights I've created! But you forgave me and loved me unconditionally, it's you who showed me the light and cheered me up after the storms! You didn't even hold any grudges against me! I bow to your big heart! You always surrender to me the moment I went mad, because you understand that nothing can be solved in the heated argument, so you gave in to me and slowly make me see that I can be a better me today! I admit that I am spoiled by you! But I am no longer a little girl of yesterday! I have grown up into a woman! I will take care of you for this life and the next life! Because it's my honor to be your wife! I treasure every moment sharing with you and it's my turn to put up with your moody attitude sometimes! Because I love you and I'm giving you the best of me!!

- Saturday 21 March 2015

Laogong bought a Calvin Klein wristlet for me today! I super love it! It fits all my requirements! I love the color and the classy design!! It can be matched with casual style or dressy style at the same time!! Thank you laogong!! I will treasure it and use it for a long time!!

- Monday 23 March 2015

Today is the first time I am going to see my baby!! The feeling is indescribable but it's such a surreal experience!! Seeing my baby gave me a touching feeling, even though I laughed and smiled a lot while watching the baby's movement inside my womb, you are so active and you couldn't stop moving your hands and legs while the nurse wanted to take pictures of you! One moment you even somersaulted like a gongfu master!! You got mama's attitude, guarding and social distance!! Haha, the moment the scanner stopped pressing on you, you became calm and sucked your thumb!! Such a smart baby, you surprised me, at 12 weeks you are already practicing self-help, I am so proud of you!

- Wednesday 25 March 2015

I will teach my kid to be patriotic, must have the country in your heart! Must love Singapore and be proud to be a Singaporean, also try your best to contribute to this country, work for the country with pride! Because I love this country and very grateful to be here, so that's why you must love this country! 

- Thursday 26 March 2015

Today laogong brought me to go pay respects to Mr Lee Kwan Yew! We joined the queue around 3 pm and then walked and stood all the way until 6pm, I really couldn't take it any more! I felt nauseous and sick in my stomach, I got dehydrated after standing under the hot sun for hours! On the taxi home, my stomach had a big cramp, like waves of contraction one after another! I was worried, but it's gotten better when I got home and rest!

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