Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary 2009!

We went to a new restaurant called Sakura at Punggol to celebrate our 6th years' anniversary being together.

This is the largest Charcoal Grilled and Shabu Shabu restaurant in Singapore according to their advertisement! The restaurant was really large and their staffs were very friendly, but I guess they're new, hence their service was very slow.

I thought we could get a seat with a gorgeous sunset view, but they actually don't have any table near to the sea, a little disappointed!

I end this post here with a super cute song. "Trouble Is A Friend" by Lenka!

P/s: I will update again when I'm able to upload my photos like today! The Crtl+F5 works sometimes. Thanks to AB MaMa!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


My blogger account is handicapped! Yesterday I managed to post some photos and saved them as draft! I thought the problem was solved, I was so happy!!!...But it's actually NOT! I wanted to post more photos today but the problem of missing tools are back again!

Some photos I posted yesterday!

After going to the zoo, Sentosa and some outings, I eventually became more tanned, which I like very much!

I cut my hair very short lately! Why did I do that??? Now my hair is only shoulder length!

I love having Shabu Shabu at Tora Shabu! It's my favorite restaurant now! It's located at Iluma Bugis!

When you meet different people, you learn different perspectives, but know who you are! Life goes on...