Thursday, August 13, 2009


My blogger account is handicapped! Yesterday I managed to post some photos and saved them as draft! I thought the problem was solved, I was so happy!!!...But it's actually NOT! I wanted to post more photos today but the problem of missing tools are back again!

Some photos I posted yesterday!

After going to the zoo, Sentosa and some outings, I eventually became more tanned, which I like very much!

I cut my hair very short lately! Why did I do that??? Now my hair is only shoulder length!

I love having Shabu Shabu at Tora Shabu! It's my favorite restaurant now! It's located at Iluma Bugis!

When you meet different people, you learn different perspectives, but know who you are! Life goes on...


Shekhar sahu said...

After a long time new post. You told about the blogger missing tools. Try any other web browser. Do u have window or mac? i too faced a lot of problems when i was tweaking html. Finally i recovered my css.

Jerine said...

I love the white horse. It looks so charming.

Why you didn't put up photos of Vietnam? I really want to see how Vietnam looks like. It would be really fun if we can travel there together.

Bear Bear said...

Shekha Sahu: No, I don't have mac. I tried on many different browsers and the problem is still the same.

Jerine: Last trip to Vietnam, I lost my camera there!!! Had to buy a new one when back to Singapore!

AB MaMa said...


try click "ctrl F5" again.

I can solved the problem by this method when use my home and company laptop .

Bear Bear said...

AB mama: I clicked "Ctrl F5" again just when I read your comment. It likes page refresh but the problem is still the same! Missing tools!

I clear my cookies everyday too! Maybe my computer has virus! =(

JanuskieZ said...

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eMz said...

awww BearBear, we missed you!!!

i do hope your blogger problems get sorted out. ^_^

Shekhar Sahu said...

Last week my blog was blocked for a day, I was very scared on the day.

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, technical problem, i guess.
ooo, love those orchids^^

-JoJo- said...

Yippie! Updates by bear bear.

ⓁⓊⓋ☁Yun☁ じ☆ve said...


Hiaz! Now is my turn, cant seem to upload pictures at home.

Click ctrl 5 also cant help much now..

But no problem in my office..

Are u using singnet?

Bear Bear said...

ⓁⓊⓋ☁Yun☁ じ☆ve:

Yes, I'm using Singnet! =(

AB MaMa said...

Think this problem mostly face by singnet user..

Dont know when they can solved the problem?

Anyway, if you have webshots acct, do upload the pics to webshots then copy and paste the photos HTML code to your blog.

This is what i did for my latest blog entries..

PeEAnN said...

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