Friday, July 28, 2006

Singapore Science Centre

We went to the Singapore Science Centre last Sunday to visit the DINOSAURS exhibition and the EcoGarden.

Singapore Science Centre is a good place for kids to come because they can learn many things while they are actually playing. There are many exhibits to explore in there and I like to visit there whenever it has a new exhibition. The EcoGarden is very beautiful too. There are a lot of fruit trees, herbs and flowers with their informations, sometimes you may even be surprise that some herbs can look so beautiful...

Our tickets.


Dinosaurs exhibition is the first place we went to.


This dinosaur's name is Sue, she is the most complete T. Rex ever discovered!!!

This is Stan, he is the second most complete T. rex fossil after Sue.

Another dinosaur. Sue's friend ^___^

So small!!! So cute!!!

Weird shape!!!

How does it work? I was trying to figure out...

See how powerful I am...

I was playing a shooting game~~

Checking my heart beat !!!

Such a huge tongue!!! Scary...


Finally on to the Ecogarden!!!

Pretty flowers.

What a colourful wall!!! Aw...the pink dragonfly was looking at me :P

Wow...such a beautiful tree!!!

Welcome to the treehouse everyone!!!

Full view of the treehouse.

Climbing up to the treehouse.

Inside the treehouse.

This is passion fruit's flower!!! Omg, so beautiful!!! I love to eat passion fruit and this is the first time I have seen its flower. Kawaii ne!!!

Herbs garden.

Cactus garden.

Anyone wants to play chess with me?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Singapore Zoo

I love the Singapore Zoo, no matter how many times I have visited there, it always looks new and exciting to me each time I visit it again.

This is also the first time I can enjoy the experiences of riding on the Horse Carriage and the Elephant...I just find that the time for riding the Elephant was too short though ^^.
Whenever I come to the Zoo, the place I hate most is the Wolf area, it is so smelly there, sometimes when I have to walk pass there, I will try to walk fast with my hands covering my nose.

This is the Golden Pheasant, it's not easy for me to take photos of them, because they are protected in an area under the bridge, we only can see it from the top, so I try to take their photos as fast as possible whenever I see them.

Dear Deer :D

Most of the time when I come to the zoo, I see these lazy animals sleeping -_-''

When I was about to take a photo of them, don't know why this one also stop walking and just standing there, staring at me with its beautiful eyes.

I always see this guy around, sometimes walking on the road, sometimes standing on the tree, maybe there are many of them...and their voice, just way too loud!!!

Is it sleeping ?

I wanted to take a photo of this beautiful horned animal, but there are two bird that keep posing in front of him. Never mind, I take both of them.

Eating time^^

We didn't have time to walk to many places, so after a while, our sister decided to buy tickets for the horse carriage ride.

The Horse Carriage.

After the horse carriage ride, we joined a queue to wait for the elephant ride.

Getting on the elephant :

Elephant go, go, go!!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Morning Glories are gone!!!

Our place is very peaceful and quiet.
Every morning when I woke up, I'm used to open the window to enjoy the wind blowing through my hair, listening to birds singing, from our window view I could see the Morning Glory fence below...

I don't know where these Morning Glories came from and when they started to grow here. Since the time we noticed it, they have already grown almost full length of the fence. They made the fence looked so beautiful and made me happy...

This morning when I opened the window, the wind still blowing through my hair, birds still chirping as usual, but the Morning Glories were gone!!!

Our place is undergoing construction and repair works and they plan to make a wall to replace the fence so they will remove all the Morning Glories sooner or later...

I knew it, but I just don't want them to make a wall, I don't want the Morning Glories to disappear!!!

Now, they're really gone, the fence looks so empty, waiting to be replaced by a wall soon...