Monday, July 17, 2006

Time to be

An inspiration that I want to share with everyone!

Time to be

On a regular basis, take time to be. Experience the very real experience of life and awareness.
Every moment does not have to be planned or precisely programmed. There is as much value to be found in being as in doing.

Take time to process and absorb the activities and sensations you've collected. Take time to consider the things you've learned.

If you hurry through one thing just to get to the next, what have you really gained from it all? Give quality and substance to the things you do by being fully present while you do them.

Fulfillment is more than just working through the items on your list of things to do. Fulfillment comes when you put your real self into each of those things.

Whatever you do, you'll do better when you're fully there, engaged and aware. Take time to be, and be amazed at what it will do.

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carrie said...

thanks for sharing that. it is good advice.