Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Singapore Zoo

I love the Singapore Zoo, no matter how many times I have visited there, it always looks new and exciting to me each time I visit it again.

This is also the first time I can enjoy the experiences of riding on the Horse Carriage and the Elephant...I just find that the time for riding the Elephant was too short though ^^.
Whenever I come to the Zoo, the place I hate most is the Wolf area, it is so smelly there, sometimes when I have to walk pass there, I will try to walk fast with my hands covering my nose.

This is the Golden Pheasant, it's not easy for me to take photos of them, because they are protected in an area under the bridge, we only can see it from the top, so I try to take their photos as fast as possible whenever I see them.

Dear Deer :D

Most of the time when I come to the zoo, I see these lazy animals sleeping -_-''

When I was about to take a photo of them, don't know why this one also stop walking and just standing there, staring at me with its beautiful eyes.

I always see this guy around, sometimes walking on the road, sometimes standing on the tree, maybe there are many of them...and their voice, just way too loud!!!

Is it sleeping ?

I wanted to take a photo of this beautiful horned animal, but there are two bird that keep posing in front of him. Never mind, I take both of them.

Eating time^^

We didn't have time to walk to many places, so after a while, our sister decided to buy tickets for the horse carriage ride.

The Horse Carriage.

After the horse carriage ride, we joined a queue to wait for the elephant ride.

Getting on the elephant :

Elephant go, go, go!!!


Dana said...

What a great zoo. The pictures are beautiful! I have never ridden on an elephant. Is it fun?

Sue said...

Just surfed in via Blog Mad. Nice photos ... :) Cheers from Toronto!

dawn said...

Beautiful Pictures. I do have to ask though, What is the sleeping creature in Picture #2?

Bear Bear said...

To Dana :
Yes, elephant ride is fun ><

To Dawn :
I forgot what is its name -_-" Sorry!!!

To everyone :
Thanks for your comments ^_^

www.yenjai.net said...

Looks like you really enjoy yourself there.

jerine said...

i was attracted by your shinning glittering twinkling stars at the back ground... nice blog you have here. and its nicer you gotta go to the zoo. i was planning to go with friends but it never work out

Bear Bear said...

To www.yenjai.net :

Yes, I do enjoy myself there ^^

To jerine :

Singapore Zoo is a very interesting place, you should make a trip there soon ><