Thursday, July 02, 2015

A surprise update

I haven't announce my pregnancy news on my blog!
So here I am, already at 27 weeks pregnant, starting my third trimester. So far so good, I have been feeling great with no annoying symptoms like nausea or feeling lethargic or even constipation and frequent trips to the restroom despite drinking a lot of water. By now, I am still walking fast like fleeting on air! I still dance and do yoga daily, as well as doing whatever I want with my cute belly that Lg gave it a nickname "poochie". I have no problem climbing a flight of stairs, it's a way to train my glute!

I really watch what I eat though! I don't have unusual craving for unhealthy food, I limit my intake of salty and sweet food! I eat one avocado with a cup of milk to start my day, I occasionally snack on dried figs and dried apricots, and eat one cup of Greek yogurt topped with Chia seeds every afternoon. I also eat walnuts with a cup of milk at night before going to bed! I prefer to eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Besides eating healthy and balanced meals, I focus on getting enough nutrition for my growing baby, so far my baby is growing strong and healthy! I am gaining decent weight too!

Here are beautiful pictures of my baby, for now I called my baby Lc, aka Little Critter!!

I am writing a diary on my pregnancy about my changes and thoughts. I will consider to publish some on my blog next time. 'Til then!