Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Phantoms by Isaac Montoya

For my friends and anyone that couldn't have a chance to see the Fantasmas (Phantoms) at Raffles City. I will show you what actually I saw through the filters.

The description: "In this work by Isaac Montoya, a rainbow-colored portrait of a young woman screams from a large scale photograph. Layered within are two more images that are revealed once one looks through red and blue filters. The initial image is one taken from our consumer laden culture, familiar and friendly. The hidden images reference the tragedy present in other places around the world."

As seen through the red filter.

And the blue filter.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Singapore Biennale 2008: Raffles City

Finally I went to Raffles city to see the Phantom, Singapore Biennale 2008 Installation by Spanish artist Isaac Montoya.

When you view the picture from these two color booths, you actually can see two different pictures.

Do you want to know what I saw?'m not going to tell you! Because it was so amazing for me to experience this, so I suggest you should go there and see it yourself before 16th of November.

Happily posing before leaving to eat.

Since we were at Raffles city, we went to eat at Shokudo restaurant. I love this Japanese restaurant much more than Marche restaurant. Usually it's always very crowed in this restaurant but we came quite early this time, so there wasn't a long queue at all, I'm so happy!

My favorite area, I will always sit here when I eat at this restaurant, because this restaurant is so big and there's so many sitting areas with different themes.

I like these girls. Hee!

Kawaii ne!

Our yummy food!


Eating in a Japanese style, with a mouth full of food!

Ocha douzo!
Hee...Til the next time.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I groomed Xiao Bai myself

So you already read about me cutting and styling my own hair. Now you'll be surprised to know that I groomed my dog Xiao Bai by myself too. I've been grooming Xiao Bai for about 2 years already.

Before that, I usually sent Xiao Bai out for a grooming service once every 3 months. But since he got wounded twice from different grooming services, I decided to learn how to groom his hair by myself. The first time, we didn't notice it, until we saw him walking strangely like dancing with his hind legs, or like a drunken kung fu dog. So I checked and saw he got a deep cut near to his groin area. My heart was broken when I saw that. I bought him to see the vet and got some medicines to prevent infections and some cream to apply on the wound. Seeing the vet is expensive! But I couldn't stand seeing Xiao Bai got hurt. When he was hurt, he looked really pitiful. He is a very special and emotional dog...The second time, he got a wound on his buttock and that was the last time he got his grooming outside.

This is Xiao Bai, my funky dog ready to be groomed!

It took me about 2 hours to make a macho Xiao Bai become a skinny looking Xiao Bai. I cut really slowly and carefully, because I don't want to accidentally hurt him. It took me another hour to trim him to make him look cuter and neater.

Finished...Xiao Bai's gratitude to me. Such a sweet dog!

After shampooing, blowing and combing...See how puppy looking he become.

What do you think about my skill?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Recycle the boxes

What are you going to do with your empty tissue box? Throw it away?
For me, I'll keep it so that I can make those boxes useful again.
Look at what those tissue boxes can do in this picture, they are my mini storages to keep my stuff neat and organized.

I usually use 3 boxes to combine to become one new box with three segments.

These boxes look sweet, aren't they?

Look at the boxes from the top, you can see how I made it. I used double sided tape to tape the bottom, and stapler to form different compartments. Notice that I use the outer layer of another box to make the compartments so that they have the same length and height.

To make the box more sturdy to hold books or heavier stuff, you can make one box without compartment (like the second box from the picture) and slot another one inside it (the first box) so that it will look similar to the third box.

Even my shoe boxes are useful too. Hee^^...Let's go for recycle everyone.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Haircut by myself

I used to go to hair salons to cut my hair...But I've learned to cut and trim my hair recently...

I always use a small mirror to adjust the layers at the back and cut my hair in dry condition, and of course with a comb and scissors.

I created this hair style myself that looks like a short shoulder length hair style from the front when I pull all my long hair behind my back.

But it's actually still a long layered hair style when I put all my hair together.

It's fun cutting my own hair!!! And I believe practice makes perfect!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bunny or T-Rex?

What do you think I was posing as?

A bunny I supposed, but I didn't have a hood with a pair of bunny ears, so I used my fingers to pose as bunny ears.

But...Someone thought I posed as a T-rex dinosaur with my tiny fingers.

Like this...