Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Sony MP3 player

I bought a new Sony MP3 player!

I always wanted to have a small MP3 player, although I'm still using my big Ipod that I bought few years ago. After considering a few brands, I chose this Sony MP3 because of its exchangeable style, its lovely colors and its size is as small as a lip stick! The sound quality is great too! It came with an ear phone and an additional design cover. After that, I bought a Hello Kitty pouch to keep my MP3 player and ear phone. The pouch came with another mini pouch that can fit my new MP3 player. I even bought some stickers to decorate my MP3 player.

Pretty pretty!!!

What's inside my Hello Kitty pouch? My card holder, my heart-shaped lip gloss, my ear phone box and my Mp3 pouch.

Pink Love!


Cacoram said...

Hi, how have you been Jess?? Wow, cute mp3 player, pretty nice with the heart. Now i wondering which songs you have in your playlist, hope that songs are from guns n' roses :P well, gotta go to read some things from school, hope to see ya or at least "read you" soon lol. See you later, take care, Byee

Bear Bear said...

Thanks Cacoram for stopping by and see you again soon! ^^

Angie said...

Hey :) How are you ? I really like your Mp3 player :) and all your blog ^_^ Have a nice day .... Faithfully Angie

Bear Bear said...

Thanks Angie! Have a nice day too! ^^