Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sweet Dream...

Suddenly all the childhood memories flooded my dream last night.

In my dream, I was back to 6 or 7 years old. There were my sisters and my parents with me. We were out camping like what we used to have in my childhood days, with lots of my parents' friends and their kids...Me and my sisters were swinging on a tire swing...We were climbing a tree...We were running around laughing and holding snacks in our hands...We picked wild berries and tried to taste it, then spit it out because it's sour and bitter...We had so much fun together...I miss those days so much!

After that, I found a photo that was taken during one of our camping trips in my childhood days. Can you spot where I am inside the photo?

Hee...I am the one in white shorts and being lifted up by my dearest sister. Click on the photo to enlarge it, so that you can notice me sticking out my tongue.

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