Friday, July 31, 2009

Unlucky me

Why am I the only one that have problems with Blogger? Weeks ago, I couldn't even publish my new post, because the "Publish" button was frozen! I thought Blogger was temporary down for a while, so I waited! But until now, finally I'm able to publish but Blogger still have not yet fully recovered!

In my posting session, I didn't see the "Preview" button and the "Compose" button anymore, the whole bar have just disappeared, so I can't post pictures either! I can only type and see my post in HTML. What's going on with Blogger? Anyone having the same problem? Or is it just me? I wrote an email to blogger though, but I didn't receive any reply yet! I'm considering changing my blog to Wordpress soon! Or maybe my blog will just disappear... =(

Anyway, Xiao Bai recovered from his eye injury after over $600 damage for 3 times visits to the vet. The second time was the most expensive, Xiao Bai had a microscope operation for removing his broken third eyelid, $300 for that operation. I'm so glad that Xiao Bai is healthy again! I brought him to the park recently and he didn't like to run far ahead of me anymore, but he walked very close to me cautiously! My dog is so cute! He really learned his lesson! ^^

p/s: Just found out that the "Save Now" button is frozen! Duh!