Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My sweetest little love

As a senior dog, Xiao Bai, my 15 years old dog is considered healthy, except his kidneys had started to fail him. He was really sick and stopped eating for a day, then we brought him to the clinic and got him frequent treatments for months now. He is back to a jumpy dog again! Although the cost of his treatment for each visit to the clinic is costly, but I'm glad we are still able to do something for him.

I just want my dog to live forever! He is the sweetest dog and the most obedient dog I've ever had! Sometimes when I have to discipline him, I can be really fierce, but somehow this adorable dog love sticking to me the most. I learned to forgive easily and love someone wholeheartedly as how Xiao Bai loves us. I also learned how to be contented, live positively, be grateful and show appreciation through him! He is so innocent, never harbouring any malice thoughts or holding grudges! Every time, after I showed my temper towards him, as long as I called him, he just ran back into my arms and licked my hand for forgiveness. He is very emotionally attached towards me, if I was sad or sick, he would always lie down next to me, not going anywhere at all. Silently, yet he showed me love and his support! How can I not love him?

A dog's life is short, I don't want my dog to spend his last few years waiting for us to come home from a vacation! I want to take care of him! Even if I have to go out, I make sure to come home early for him!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Why? How?

I realized that I didn't keep up with my inner self lately! It's been months since I last jotted down my thoughts! Lots of incidents happened in my life recently, at times I really needed to be alone and find a good explanation for everything!

First things first, I know I have to accept that it's the nature of some people who like to take advantage of others and put blame on others as if it's convenient for them to do so! Although I didn't regret that I helped too much! Because I know no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted! Well, I have done what I should! Anyway, what goes around comes around. For those ungrateful people, I'm sure they won't deserve any good things in life! Good luck trying!

Secondly, I like to ask myself "Why-How" questions whenever I need to look for a reason and find a solution to solve my inner conflicts. I try to focus on the original question that I wanted to answer for myself. But when I couldn't find a solution that really satisfies me. I tend to get lost in my own thoughts, so I just let myself drift away from the topic, had to remind myself to be even more focused!

Overall, my life is good, just need a little bit of change and it will be awesome!  (⌒▽⌒)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Good day

Feel rejuvenated after getting back to my fitness training program!

Almost everyday in a hot sunny weather but I enjoyed melting myself down!!! Got to shape my body beautifully!!

I'm getting stronger!