Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My sweetest little love

As a senior dog, Xiao Bai, my 15 years old dog is considered healthy, except his kidneys had started to fail him. He was really sick and stopped eating for a day, then we brought him to the clinic and got him frequent treatments for months now. He is back to a jumpy dog again! Although the cost of his treatment for each visit to the clinic is costly, but I'm glad we are still able to do something for him.

I just want my dog to live forever! He is the sweetest dog and the most obedient dog I've ever had! Sometimes when I have to discipline him, I can be really fierce, but somehow this adorable dog love sticking to me the most. I learned to forgive easily and love someone wholeheartedly as how Xiao Bai loves us. I also learned how to be contented, live positively, be grateful and show appreciation through him! He is so innocent, never harbouring any malice thoughts or holding grudges! Every time, after I showed my temper towards him, as long as I called him, he just ran back into my arms and licked my hand for forgiveness. He is very emotionally attached towards me, if I was sad or sick, he would always lie down next to me, not going anywhere at all. Silently, yet he showed me love and his support! How can I not love him?

A dog's life is short, I don't want my dog to spend his last few years waiting for us to come home from a vacation! I want to take care of him! Even if I have to go out, I make sure to come home early for him!

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