Thursday, February 26, 2015

Singapore River Hongbao 2015

As promised, Lg brought me to the annual River Hongbao during Chinese New Year! I had the same excited feeling each time and was eager to have my barbecued chicken sticks at the food street.

We were both properly dressed up for the New Year.

It was crowded as usual!!! But we were happy to immerse ourselves in the New Year atmosphere.

We walked straight to the food street and explore all the food stalls. I love the crispy fried crabs!!! 5 pieces for $10!!! I bought a lot as I was afraid that I have to wait for another year to eat this! This year, the barbecued chicken tasted different from the taste I had last year! Well, I got delicious crabs, even better!

The stadium seats area were open for everyone!!! It's more convenient to have a seat and enjoy the food! Most of the people cleaned up after eating and there were some staff walking around to help collect the rubbish too! It's very considerate on the part of the event organisers!

When the sun went down, all the huge lanterns lit up!!

There was a tight-rope walking performance that day! Also, there was a kid's carnival there!

After leaving the event, we walked to the Gluttons Bay and had our supper! Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Chinatown New Year 2015

A new year has come, we wish everyone a very happy and prosperous year ahead! I'm looking forward to the magical thing that I've been waiting for! It's already happened to me!

We went to Chinatown on the eve of Chinese New Year! It's our tradition that we had to squeeze with the crowd for the new year! Year of the Goat/Ram, gentle and calm, I love!

The laminated lantern street was full of the New Year mood!

We walked down the Chinatown street market, shopped for some New Year goodies and enjoyed the colourful culture!

We love to come to Chinatown as we can always find cute things and all sort of things we want, besides we can't resist the buzz feeling when we were there, it's very fun!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Gillman Barracks first visit

My husband and I discovered a new art place that we would definitely revisit often! It's Gillman Barracks , located near to the Hort Park area!

It's very mind refreshing to come to such galleries that are surrounded by nature and in a countryside setting!

"Gillman Barracks is the definitive destination for contemporary art in Singapore. The conserved colonial buildings are nestled amidst lush tropical greenery, and house renowned international art galleries that showcase some of the best art of our time."

The first gallery we visited, Space of Exception, Maryanto's first solo presentation in Singapore. "The artist is particularly interested in nature and exploring its preservation in contemporary society. The exhibition shows the artist using landscape as political conduit."

The show consists of a focal installation of a large meditative canvas drawing of the Merapi Volcano in Yogyakarta, with an accompanying installation evoking a campsite.

Continued to the next gallery, History of Java by Jimmy Ong.

Walked up the stairs, leading us to the delightful restaurants and bars.

Hopped on to the next gallery, I like this gallery the most!

Then came upon a gallery with pretty dolls and stuff, but realized it's quite twisted and dark after some observation.

We were amazed at how huge this place was, we just hopped from one gallery to another to discover more art!

Tranquil feeling!

Some galleries were closed that day, but that's fine as we have countless galleries to visit.

But we have to rush our time for this last gallery. The Gillman Barracks close by 7pm.

We exited by this ancient looking gate! I had a lovely day shared with my loved one!! More to come!