Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In my dream

I dreamt of exploring such a strange and beautiful place.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I read an article "Don't call my little girl pretty" on Straits Times few days ago. It triggered my thoughts about how our "today's image-obsessed world" became. It's important to feel confident about our own looks, but it's a misconception to "prize looks above all else".

We often hide our true identity because we think it's imperfect. But are we really happy pursuing perfection?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Southern Ridges Journey

Finally, it's the day that I had been waiting for!
I woke up early for my trip to the Southern Ridges. For the past few days I had nasty rashes caused by food allergy. I was worried that this trip would make it worse, but surprisingly the rashes were gone after that! I was so glad!

I wore 3 pieces of clothes that day! Hahaha, I'm not crazy! The outer piece was a Uniqlo UV Cut jacket, super light material. The second piece was my cute hoodie (which I took off soon after completing half of my journey). The inner piece was a Uniqlo Cool Tech top that really kept me cool. Ah, if including my sport bra, then I wore 4 pieces of clothes!

I made it to HortPark's Butterfly Garden!!! Even though it's pretty cramp inside the green house with lots of people, I enjoyed every moment when I get close contact with butterflies. Some stayed with me for a second and fluttered away, but there were 2 butterflies rested on my hand like...forever.

I took pictures of many flowers along the way. Here are some.

After Kent Ridge Park, we crossed Alexandra Arch and practically sizzled ourselves in scorching sun on the Forest Walk to Henderson Waves. We took a break at Telok Blangah Green, snacked on KFC twisters that we bought earlier.

Full of energy after the break, I became so hyper when we reached Henderson Waves, felt the sea breeze, strong winds brushed through my hair.
Totally ignored the sun and lied on the plank enjoying the moment.

We continued walking uphill to the Jewel Box on Mount Faber. I was attracted by these Kois that kept swimming towards the pebble stones, even though the water seemed too shallow for them.

Followed Marang Trail that led us to Harbourfront MRT. We started our journey from 11 am and completed it at 3pm, yet I still had energy to shop at Vivocity for another few hours. I'm very proud of myself!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Music that touched my heart

In the midst of the city's rush, once again, I found myself lost in the crowd. The fast beating drums, the sound of synthesizers, excellent guitar and amazing vocals...There, a live Orchard road...for a moment, I got carried away by the music.

Yet another unexpected surprise, The Great Spy Experiment is Singapore's local band! I hope they will become well recognized worldwide, because their music is great!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We've heard about HortPark for a while, but never been there before. Last weekend we planned to drop by Ikea after our jogging, however the weather were so nice that we decided to walk to the park instead.

Unlike any other neighborhood parks, HortPark is such a charming place to visit. It's not all about greenery but the little cutesy and the country style decorations that lifted my mood!

I have an enormous burst of energy in me that when I become hyper, I can't stop myself from jumping joyfully, Lg described me as going crazy!

Each time I spotted something beautiful, Lg could always snap a picture for me spontaneously.

+"Where should we walk now?" Lg asked.
I was still hopping up and down talking loudly: "Just follow the stepping stones and find hidden treasures!!"
+"What hidden treasure?"
"There...a magical frog under the bushes, I found one!"
"What are you doing?" Lg yelled loudly!
"Kissing a fish, it's swimming towards me, can you see?"

"BearBear, look, that building looks like a rocket, doesn't it?"
"Uhm...more like a pencil!"

The park is so big that we couldn't complete it within 1 hour. I will visit this park again for the Butterfly Garden that only opens from 9am to 12 pm on the last Saturday of every month and to visit the rest of the parks in the Southern Ridges connected by the Alexandra Arch!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The Mid-Autumn Festival decoration at Chinatown this year was not so spectacular. But I was still excited to go there, because of...

This! Claypot Frog Legs!!!

I like to create green corners in my home. Cactus were bought at Ikea for 2.90 each and I re-potted them in a cute Daiso pot! I don't know the name of the other plant, which I bought for only 1 dollar and it came in a tiny pot, I re-potted it too.

Guess what is this plant?

It's a pineapple plant! Yes, I grew it from its top!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lantern Festival 2011

I've never missed the Lantern Festival at Chinese Garden. Every year, they would make a different lantern theme. This year, it's about The World of Legends. The festival is such a special culture that I enjoyed very much!

Like a saying "Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional". On this day, I'm happily carrying my lantern and playing with sparklers! A child at heart, indeed!

Friday, September 09, 2011

Cute things

The cutest "thing" is always my Xiao Bai! I took this photo of him just an hour ago, how cute!

The second cute thing is a hair accessory called the Doughnut Hair Bun tool. It only takes me a minute to roll my hair into a tidy and slick bun ~ that looks like a doughnut! See how easy it's done!

Another item I like very much is the telephone wire hair band. Its holding power is the best!

Currently I super love the whole oats porridge for my breakfast. It's just cup porridge with instant whole oats. Simple and so good!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

New Bangs

All of a sudden I cut my long fringe and welcome back short bangs. When Lg gave me weird stares, I freaked out!

Later he asked why did I cut my lovely long fringe and my reasons were:

+ I want to get rid of a middle hair parting. As I hated blow-drying my hair after washing it, so my hair naturally parted down the middle and the line was getting more and more obvious. I don't like that.
+ I'm too lazy to braid my fringe or style it differently.

But I really liked my long fringe and I regretted that I didn't find a way to solve the parting problem before snipping it away.

However after talking on Skype with my mom, I felt better because she told me I always look good with short bangs and my hair will grow out eventually.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

My H&M purchases

Today I had nothing to blog about but I've received Jerine's comment about showing my H&M purchases. So here it is:

By the time it was our turn to enter the H&M store yesterday, there wasn't many items of my size left, I was upset a little and blaming myself for not being there earlier. But Lg stopped my guilt straight away by saying: "Aiyo, the store will always be here! You can come back anytime!" Hee, it's true...Still, I super love what I bought!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

H&M opening

Today is the H&M's long-awaited opening in Singapore. Before going to bed, we planned to go to H&M as early as 7 am, but I failed to wake up. So we ended up reaching H&M at 9:30 am and were shocked by the long queue. We joined the queue for 1 and a half hours before we could enter the store at 11 am. Even being the first time shopping at H&M, I super liked their design and quality. It's absolutely my new favourite brand!

After happily purchasing my H&M loot, we walked towards Takashimaya and received free flowers from Kate Spade promoters, they even gave us free ice-creams! I love love love shopping at Orchard road!!!

Now my next target is the opening of Abercrombie & Fitch.

Friday, September 02, 2011

On MRT and book sale

"Snugged her feet comfortably in her Reebok Train Tone. She stood firmly on the train, not leaning against anything, just on her feet all the way, one end to the other of the green line. She ain't showing off her balancing skill, ain't seeking any attention and never rushing to any empty seat. Her way of keeping fit."

I went to Expo Border's book sale today, it's crazily crowded!!! Even more crowded than the Library Sale, the queue for paying was extremely long, I had to wait in line for almost 1 hour and I gave up, not buying any books at all! Anyway, I got a huge loot of books at the Library sale in July, so I wasn't upset!