Wednesday, September 07, 2011

New Bangs

All of a sudden I cut my long fringe and welcome back short bangs. When Lg gave me weird stares, I freaked out!

Later he asked why did I cut my lovely long fringe and my reasons were:

+ I want to get rid of a middle hair parting. As I hated blow-drying my hair after washing it, so my hair naturally parted down the middle and the line was getting more and more obvious. I don't like that.
+ I'm too lazy to braid my fringe or style it differently.

But I really liked my long fringe and I regretted that I didn't find a way to solve the parting problem before snipping it away.

However after talking on Skype with my mom, I felt better because she told me I always look good with short bangs and my hair will grow out eventually.


Jerine said...

I think you look nicer with short fringe. Younger and fresher.

Bear Bear said...

Thanks Jerine! Good thing is now I don't have to shape my eyebrows! :P

mooneywithrene said...

Bearbearrrrrrr! Not only Mom told you ,but also i did . You look beautiful in every way :P

Pandabonium said...

Looks nice either way, but the new look is nice for a change. Whatever makes you happy.

Bear Bear said...

Mooney: Yes, you are the first one to give me compliments! I'm sorry babe, for not mentioning about you!!! :P


Pandabonium: Hee, I thought so too! :D