Monday, September 26, 2011

Southern Ridges Journey

Finally, it's the day that I had been waiting for!
I woke up early for my trip to the Southern Ridges. For the past few days I had nasty rashes caused by food allergy. I was worried that this trip would make it worse, but surprisingly the rashes were gone after that! I was so glad!

I wore 3 pieces of clothes that day! Hahaha, I'm not crazy! The outer piece was a Uniqlo UV Cut jacket, super light material. The second piece was my cute hoodie (which I took off soon after completing half of my journey). The inner piece was a Uniqlo Cool Tech top that really kept me cool. Ah, if including my sport bra, then I wore 4 pieces of clothes!

I made it to HortPark's Butterfly Garden!!! Even though it's pretty cramp inside the green house with lots of people, I enjoyed every moment when I get close contact with butterflies. Some stayed with me for a second and fluttered away, but there were 2 butterflies rested on my hand like...forever.

I took pictures of many flowers along the way. Here are some.

After Kent Ridge Park, we crossed Alexandra Arch and practically sizzled ourselves in scorching sun on the Forest Walk to Henderson Waves. We took a break at Telok Blangah Green, snacked on KFC twisters that we bought earlier.

Full of energy after the break, I became so hyper when we reached Henderson Waves, felt the sea breeze, strong winds brushed through my hair.
Totally ignored the sun and lied on the plank enjoying the moment.

We continued walking uphill to the Jewel Box on Mount Faber. I was attracted by these Kois that kept swimming towards the pebble stones, even though the water seemed too shallow for them.

Followed Marang Trail that led us to Harbourfront MRT. We started our journey from 11 am and completed it at 3pm, yet I still had energy to shop at Vivocity for another few hours. I'm very proud of myself!


mooneywithrene said...

I've waited for this post for over one week , it is worth the wait . Your pictures are so beautifullllllllll.

Bear Bear said...

There you go!!! XD