Friday, September 02, 2011

On MRT and book sale

"Snugged her feet comfortably in her Reebok Train Tone. She stood firmly on the train, not leaning against anything, just on her feet all the way, one end to the other of the green line. She ain't showing off her balancing skill, ain't seeking any attention and never rushing to any empty seat. Her way of keeping fit."

I went to Expo Border's book sale today, it's crazily crowded!!! Even more crowded than the Library Sale, the queue for paying was extremely long, I had to wait in line for almost 1 hour and I gave up, not buying any books at all! Anyway, I got a huge loot of books at the Library sale in July, so I wasn't upset!


mooneywithrene said...

The way you tell about the girl reminds me of extracts from Jessica Mai's book . Have you ever heard of her ? :P .

Bear Bear said...

Hahahah, she ain't from a book!!! :P

Pandabonium said...

I used to go to library sales when I lived in Hawaii and found many excellent books - I especially enjoyed finding out of print books from 50 years ago and more.

I also worked for Borders on Maui while I was closing my business and getting ready to move. I like working there and bought lots of books with my employee discount. Too bad they went into bankruptcy, and had to close many of their stores.

Bear Bear said...

The Borders in Singapore was closed down because of bankruptcy as well. So sad!

I love old books and always looking forward to the library book sale.