Friday, December 22, 2006

Singapore National Museum

This was the first time I've visited the museum because it's been closed for three years of restoration work. Now it has opened again and we went to see the one month long festival which started on 2 Dec 2006.

At first my only purpose to come to the museum was to see Kurt Wenner's painting.
Kurt Wenner is a master artist of street painting and his painting can appear to be three-dimensional when viewed from a particular angle. Now I can have a chance to see his original anamorphic painting here in this museum. So definitely I didn't want to miss this chance.

The National Museum is an interesting place, it tempted me to explore around and visit all the galleries. So we bought our tickets and spent few hours inside the museum. However photo taking was not allowed inside the galleries.

So this is the Kurt Wenner's original painting. It's absolutely amazing. I'm so glad that I can view it with my own eyes. The painting was so large on the floor, that why I took this photo through the magnifying glass to have the full view.

For more information about this great artist and the art of street painting, you can visit his website Here.

Just one ticket and you can visit all the galleries.

This is an art work called Singa Merlionus done by David Chan.

the interior of the museum...

With the big chilly outside...

The museum is a great place to understand the history of Singapore, it's definitely worth your visit.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

My haircut

I've just cut my hair...

I always love my long hair. But I started to feel bored with it recently and wanted to change to a new look.Yesterday night, after walked past a few hair salons in Suntec City, I finally decided to go to Reds Salon for a haircut.

The hairstylist recommended me a double-layer haircut to add more volume to my hair and also easier to manage.

But somehow I don't like this new hairstyle but there's no use crying over spilled milk. What's done cannot be undone.

After my haircut...

I'm missing my long hair now...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Xiao Bai's day out

I brought Xiao Bai out for a walk in the afternoon. Most of the time when I brought him out, passer-by always wanted to touch him and said he's cute. Xiao Bai is a very friendly dog, as long as you approach him slowly with a smile, you can easily hug him. It's a little difficult to take photos of Xiao Bai outside, because he always turns his head whenever I want to take a picture of him.

I always let him run in front of me, but he likes to look back and wait for me. Such a sweet dog!!!

A doodle of Xiao Bai done by me.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Vivo City

We went to Vivo city last Saturday, it's the newest and largest shopping centre in Singapore.
These few days, Singapore weather was so nice!!! Made me always looking forward to going out. Heeee!!!

Vivo City has a great harbour view and is very near to Sentosa Island. This makes it more attractive than other shopping centres.

Can you spot the Merlion?

Awww...happy sunshine!!!

After so much walking, I was relaxing...

Sunday, November 19, 2006


There are a few destinations that I wish to travel to by the end of this year or within next year.

Vietnam, *I miss lotssss of things there*

Taiwan, *My favourite place*

Hong Kong, *shopping*

Japan, *shopping again, Harajuku?!!*

Korea, *winter sonata?!!*

Malaysia, *Genting!!!*

This morning I was so happy to see these green sprouts finally show up.

Do you know what did I plant? I planted pomegranate seeds.

I like this ruby fruit so much that I grow some of the seeds and hope to have a beautiful plant next time lol...Most of the people I know don't like this fruit because there are many seeds in a red pulp. But I don't mind its seeds at all because I chew the seeds as well when I eat this fruit lol.

I can't wait to watch Happy Feet next weekend. So I went to Youtube and watched this clip:

Awwww...soooo cute!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Chinese Garden: Lantern Festival

We went to the Chinese Garden last Friday, that day was supposed to be the exact day for mid-autumn festival.

It was very crowded in the Chinese Garden this year. Maybe because of their advertisements on TV and newspapers that attracted the crowd. We had to queue up for a very long time to buy our tickets.

I brought my lantern along. The one I bought in Chinatown.

Right after passing the bridge, we saw lots of beautiful lanterns. The bridge itself was also very beautifully decorated.

Although I don't like insects at all, but I have to admit that these lanterns look so CUTE!!!

Even the lights also look so CUTE lol.

A bazaar in the Chinese Garden. So special!!!

Look at the crowd...So crowded!!!

But I like it~~. Because more people come means less mosquitoes can bite me...Hahahahaaaa.

I bought my pair of red horns in one of the stores in this bazaar. A bear with horns???

Like this?
Be afraid!!! Heee...

I was excited to see the mask changing performance, but they didn't perform that day...
So I found the performances that day quite boring, I only like this performance and the girl is so pretty!!!

More beautiful lanterns...

The Panda family. I love Panda bears!!!

Click on the photo to see clearer image. Isn't it beautiful?

A lantern of Maya Pyramid.

Maya Pyramid from Greece.

The Sphinx from Egypt.

The Taj Mahal from India.

The Blue Mosque from Turkey.

The Eiffel Tower from France.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa from Italy.

There were still a lot of lanterns that I didn't get a chance to capture. Because my camera's battery was flat and I forgot to bring my spare battery along!!! So we just walked around and enjoy looking at all the beautiful lanterns.