Friday, December 22, 2006

Singapore National Museum

This was the first time I've visited the museum because it's been closed for three years of restoration work. Now it has opened again and we went to see the one month long festival which started on 2 Dec 2006.

At first my only purpose to come to the museum was to see Kurt Wenner's painting.
Kurt Wenner is a master artist of street painting and his painting can appear to be three-dimensional when viewed from a particular angle. Now I can have a chance to see his original anamorphic painting here in this museum. So definitely I didn't want to miss this chance.

The National Museum is an interesting place, it tempted me to explore around and visit all the galleries. So we bought our tickets and spent few hours inside the museum. However photo taking was not allowed inside the galleries.

So this is the Kurt Wenner's original painting. It's absolutely amazing. I'm so glad that I can view it with my own eyes. The painting was so large on the floor, that why I took this photo through the magnifying glass to have the full view.

For more information about this great artist and the art of street painting, you can visit his website Here.

Just one ticket and you can visit all the galleries.

This is an art work called Singa Merlionus done by David Chan.

the interior of the museum...

With the big chilly outside...

The museum is a great place to understand the history of Singapore, it's definitely worth your visit.

4 comments: said...

I really like the painting on the floor. Extraordinary!

p/s the outfit suits you very well

Bear Bear said...

Thanks YenJai.^^

Pandabonium said...

Nice building. The Kurt Wenner painting must be amazing to see in person. Thanks for sharing those pictures.

I like your new profile picture with Xiao Bai too.

scott davidson said...

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