Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Xiao Bai's day out

I brought Xiao Bai out for a walk in the afternoon. Most of the time when I brought him out, passer-by always wanted to touch him and said he's cute. Xiao Bai is a very friendly dog, as long as you approach him slowly with a smile, you can easily hug him. It's a little difficult to take photos of Xiao Bai outside, because he always turns his head whenever I want to take a picture of him.

I always let him run in front of me, but he likes to look back and wait for me. Such a sweet dog!!!

A doodle of Xiao Bai done by me.


Pandabonium said...

Xiao Bai is so cute. Momo does the same on her walks. She will pull at the leash, but if I let go, she stops and waits.

Nice sketch. You have artistic talent, Bear Bear.

www.yenjai.net said...

You draw really well !!

Wally Banners said...

that drawing you did is great!!! you have talent.

Bear Bear said...

Thank you so much Pandaboniums, YenJai and Wally Banners.

Honestly, I don't have much confidence in showing my drawing but these comments really motivate me a lot. =]

I will post more of my doodles or even watercolor paintings next time. ^-^

koolitz said...

hi Xiao Bai...meet Lucas - http://lucas.koolbirks.com :-)

Chaminda (GC) said...

Nice drawing, cute dog too. By the way, what does "Bai" mean. i know what xiao means :o).

Black Moon said...

Xiao Bai oi ! Ai make up cho may the ? die^u. vi tao biet may la con trai ma . Nhung tao ke may nghe , ngay xua tao cung da tung hanh ha con Go^t ( den bay gio tao cung khong biet phien am cua no la gi nua rat co the la ghost:~) cua tao bang cach buoc long cua no thanh mot hang dai doc song lung nen trong no nhu la khung long ma no cung la con trai kia . Cho may biet the co nghia chu may yeu may lam . tao cung rat yeu may nhung khong hon may dau (so far )****

Bear Bear said...

To koolitz:

Lucas looks so cool! Thanks for stopping by! =]


To Chaminda (GC):

Bai means White. ^^


To blackmoon:

Xiao Bai bao: Thao nao` ma` bac' Got bo nha` di len nui. Vi uat uc qua'! =D