Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Vivo City

We went to Vivo city last Saturday, it's the newest and largest shopping centre in Singapore.
These few days, Singapore weather was so nice!!! Made me always looking forward to going out. Heeee!!!

Vivo City has a great harbour view and is very near to Sentosa Island. This makes it more attractive than other shopping centres.

Can you spot the Merlion?

Awww...happy sunshine!!!

After so much walking, I was relaxing...

8 comments: said...

Happy Face + Happy Day

Pandabonium said...

Beautiful pictures of your smiling face. You look so happy. Glad you had a nice day. :^)

Those cranes in the third picture look like giant giraffes or dinosaurs. I'd rather see a mermaid than a merlion. :-P

Bear Bear said...

To YenJai:

I read your blog yesterday and knew that your daughter's been sick, I hope she'll get well soon.

Thanks Pandabonium!!! ^^

I find those cranes look like giant giraffes too.^^

jerine said...

I haven't been there even though my boyfriend is working there. said...

bearbear, has two bloggers.

I am the obvious owner, but Eve (my friend) does blog once a a while.
Her daughter is sick, not mine, thank god.

Thanks for reading my blog.

p/s Did you ever advertise for any shampoo? Reallllly nice hair there

Bear Bear said...

To jerine:

That's the first time I've been there^^

To YenJai:

Oops!!! All along I thought Eve was your wife!!! Sorry, so sorry!!! I hope Eve's daughter will recover soon.

Thanks for your compliment on my hair!!! *blush*

Timothy Ward said...

Nice photos.

Anonymous said...

Meo khung oi ! nho may qua , tao dang buon lam nhung nhin cai mat cuoi cuoi de thuong cua may la tao het buon roi . May cuoi sao ma rang ro hon ca anh mat troi ^-^!!!chuc may luon khoe , ca nha nho may nhieuuuuuuuuuuuu.