Sunday, November 19, 2006


There are a few destinations that I wish to travel to by the end of this year or within next year.

Vietnam, *I miss lotssss of things there*

Taiwan, *My favourite place*

Hong Kong, *shopping*

Japan, *shopping again, Harajuku?!!*

Korea, *winter sonata?!!*

Malaysia, *Genting!!!*

This morning I was so happy to see these green sprouts finally show up.

Do you know what did I plant? I planted pomegranate seeds.

I like this ruby fruit so much that I grow some of the seeds and hope to have a beautiful plant next time lol...Most of the people I know don't like this fruit because there are many seeds in a red pulp. But I don't mind its seeds at all because I chew the seeds as well when I eat this fruit lol.

I can't wait to watch Happy Feet next weekend. So I went to Youtube and watched this clip:

Awwww...soooo cute!!!


JC said...

What a fruit....!!!! It just looks too delicious... You took that photo?

Bear Bear said...

Yes, I took that photo.^^

Pandabonium said...

I used to eat pomegranates as a kid in California. My mother would get angry with me as the juice would stain my shirt. :-P

We have a pomegranate tree just outside our front door, but this year we only had one fruit on it. :(

Must be nice to be able to travel so much.

Anonymous said...

aaa.. so cute indeed.. :)

Just some cool finds

Bear Bear said...

To Pandabonium: have a pomegranate tree!!!
I'm still waiting for mine to grow up. =D

I'm not sure if I can travel to all the places that I want, but I wish to.^^

To Kraven:

Thanks for stopping by!!! ^^

The Introvert said...

What a cute blog!!
(never before did I make such an apt use of the word "cute"!)

dementia said...

cute blog! maybe you should visit the philippines too :)

Bear Bear said...

To The Introvert:

Thanks for stopping by and giving me your sweet comment!!! ^^

To dementia:

Thanks. I'd love to visit Philippines too.

By the way, I like your blog skin very much. It's so stylish!!!

Chaminda (GC) said...

Japan has much more funstuff other than than shopping, if you select the time and place properly :-p