Thursday, October 12, 2006

Chinese Garden: Lantern Festival

We went to the Chinese Garden last Friday, that day was supposed to be the exact day for mid-autumn festival.

It was very crowded in the Chinese Garden this year. Maybe because of their advertisements on TV and newspapers that attracted the crowd. We had to queue up for a very long time to buy our tickets.

I brought my lantern along. The one I bought in Chinatown.

Right after passing the bridge, we saw lots of beautiful lanterns. The bridge itself was also very beautifully decorated.

Although I don't like insects at all, but I have to admit that these lanterns look so CUTE!!!

Even the lights also look so CUTE lol.

A bazaar in the Chinese Garden. So special!!!

Look at the crowd...So crowded!!!

But I like it~~. Because more people come means less mosquitoes can bite me...Hahahahaaaa.

I bought my pair of red horns in one of the stores in this bazaar. A bear with horns???

Like this?
Be afraid!!! Heee...

I was excited to see the mask changing performance, but they didn't perform that day...
So I found the performances that day quite boring, I only like this performance and the girl is so pretty!!!

More beautiful lanterns...

The Panda family. I love Panda bears!!!

Click on the photo to see clearer image. Isn't it beautiful?

A lantern of Maya Pyramid.

Maya Pyramid from Greece.

The Sphinx from Egypt.

The Taj Mahal from India.

The Blue Mosque from Turkey.

The Eiffel Tower from France.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa from Italy.

There were still a lot of lanterns that I didn't get a chance to capture. Because my camera's battery was flat and I forgot to bring my spare battery along!!! So we just walked around and enjoy looking at all the beautiful lanterns.


Kuri said...

wow!!!! those photos of the laterns are SOOOO gorgeous!!!

and you look so cute!!!! awwww bless!!! *heart*



Leon said...

Beautiful festival! Didn't get through all the pictures though. Great replicas.

Rev. Qelqoth said...

This really is awesome! :)

danette said...

Wow - What awesome photo's!!!
You must've have a blast!! :D

Here via BlogMad, cya :P said...

I like bear with a horn ^-^
Your skill in snapping photo is really superb

chan said...

very nice.. photos.. : )

Pandabonium said...

Those are wonderful pictures! The insects are really cute and the major landmarks inspiring. For some reason I especially like the Pandas and bamboo. ;^)

Chen said...

awesome !!
cute and adorable bee lanterns.
I like the panda lanterns too :)

Pandabonium said...

Dr. Chen is so nice to us Pandas.

Bear Bear, I "borrowed" your Panda lantern pic and put it on my blog with a link to your post. It is part a post about Pandas.

Bear Bear said...

You are welcome to "borrow" any of my photos. ^_^

By the way I went to your blog just now and watched the Panda video. Sooooo cute!!!