Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Biennale trees along Orchard road.

I went to Orchard and saw these Biennale trees along the road. They were dressed in red and white polka dotted strips of cloth, as part of the Singapore Biennale. Actually they have already been wrapped for a month. But this time I really took a closer look at them and realize that these trees made Orchard road quite pretty.

Due to the recent hazy weather in Singapore, the sky looks gloomy all the time, it also made my eyes feel very dry and irritating.

My hives is getting much better, only left some scars because of scratching from last time.

Thanks for all the comments that wished for me to get better!

Recently I'm addicted to these fruity, heavenly chocolates.


another face in the crowd said...

Good choice in Music Babes!!NickelBack's good..n the photos are really good too..whoever flagged your blog should be flogged..Keep on blogging..You're too good at this

Nate James said...

i love the photos... very cool.

Bear Bear said...

To Another face in the crowd:

Thank you so much!!! Glad that you like my choice of music. ^^

To Nate James:

Thanks for dropping me your comment!!!

Pandabonium said...

"K" - my sweetie - likes KitKat. They have a pumpkin flavored one now for Halloween. I don't care much for chocolate myself, unless it is very dark. KitKat has a dark chocolate bar called "Noir" that tastes good to me.

YD, a student from Malaysia living in London, enjoys KitKat there too.
Her blog is Perspective -

Nice pictures of the trees.

1Green Thumb said...

hmmm I don't even think we have those kind of kit-kats in the states... lucky u : )