Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hakata Ikkousha Ramen

Lately, my hubby discovered the J Passport website and signed both of us as members! We are very enthusiastic to try all of their promotions! Hakata Ikkousha Ramen was our first destination to try out!

The ramen shop was located at Chijmes and the area there looked like a mini Japanese food street! I like the shop ambience, simple and cosy!

The promotion that day was 1 for 1 ramen! We both ordered Miso Tonkoshu Ramen, I loved the ramen broth and I preferred the Japanese taste, the broth was very flavourful, yet not too salty. While my hubby loved the pork meat and the noodle texture!!! Oh, I love the spicy takana too!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Signature Art Prize 2014 at Singapore Art Museum

After visiting the Still moving: A Triple Bill On The Image, we rushed to the Singapore Art Museum for the Signature Art Prize 2014.

There are 105 artworks from the Asia Pacific region. We didn't want to miss the chance to see all the artworks!

I was eager to see the "Letters From The Distance", artworks by Peng Wei! I just stood there and read all the letters.

Managed to take a honey stick before they're gone!

The artwork "Trace" by Liu Jianhua was installed on the wall!

"...In my exhibition in the UCCA Nave, there is a strong interaction between the work and the exhibition space: the two long white walls are like vast sheets of paper, with kiln-fired pieces of gleaming black porcelain appearing to drip down the walls like ink. These magnified “ink stains” are like traces of the human mind, imprints of the human soul. When we leave the bustle of the real world and enter this tranquil space, our conflicted psyches are soothed..."

We got to see most of the must-see artworks on my list including Custos Cavum (Guardian of the hole), by Choe U-Ram and Golden Teardrop by Arin Rungjang. Before we got chased out of the museum for the closing time! Well, I'll be back soon!

We walked to City Hall after our museum trips, passed by Chijmes, so we walked through this beautiful place.

We had some shopping and enjoyed our favourite Llaollao yogurt!!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Still moving: A Triple Bill On The Image

We visited the SAM at 8Q for their recent exhibition, Still Moving: A Triple Bill On The Image.

While getting there, we passed by some art displays along the way.

Reached the starting point of the exhibition, we were greeted by a friendly staff! I love people like her, even for a brief moment, she made a good impression in my mind!

"A starting point, no matter how trivial, is necessary for a series of actions to have begun. In this instance, it could've happened while working on another project, while browsing through old art books collecting information about mediums and processes that were once used extensively by artists like Perspex, Masonite, Photostat, and the like..."

"In Afterimage: Contemporary Photography from Southeast Asia, artists use non-traditional photographic techniques to articulate concerns about the cultural, political and social landscapes of the region..."

A sweet staircase led us to more exhibitions.

I was especially interested in the scroll series by Dinh Q.Le. "...appropriates iconic images of the Vietnam War as the titles reveal: Thich Quang Duc, the buring monk, Phan Thi Kim Phuc, the napalm girl and the victims of the killings at Mai Lai. Using digital photographic editing technologies, Le stretched the three images and printed them onto 50-metre long scrolls of photographic paper..."

"Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto uses the term 'Time Exposed' to address photography's ability to reveal what is intangible to the eye. The works in this section are investigations into photography as a time-based medium, and they explore the boundaries between objective and subjective perceptions of time..."

"My Grandmothers is a well-known series of photographs by Japanese artist Miwa Yanagi. It presents the imagined future selves of several young Japanese women of ages 14-20. Yanagi interviewed these women on their aspirations and desires and then planned each of their photographs based on the individual interview responses she gathered..."

I was so intrigued and mesmerized by the Wall of Sea, a 3-channel video by Takashi Ishida! Ideas and inspirations kept flowing into my mind as I sat there and watched the video repeatedly.

"The works of Takashi Ishida bring together the worlds of animation, painting and film-making, illuminating both the simplicity and the complexity of images in the context of filmic time and space...Like a film within a film, Ishida draws upon the duality of images when seen through its negative and positive spaces, with intercutting perspectives of the projected film and the space in which the film is projected."

We had a great time at SAM at 8Q before continuing on to the Singapore Art Museum for another exhibition.

To be continued...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Our favorite football team Chelsea FC

My husband and I are Chelsea FC fans! We love this blue team for more than a decade and still supporting this team until now! We also love Jose Mourinho, our favourite manager, please stay at Chelsea forever!!!

By the way, a few years ago, we went to see Chelsea play a friendly match against the Malaysia National Team in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Because I was in a hiatus mode from my blog that time so I didn't post this trip at all! Here are the pictures, let's rewind our memories!

On the way to Kuala Lumpur. I'm all in blue!!!

Reached our hotel, we changed into our Chelsea shirts and took a bus to the Bukit Jalil stadium!

First time I've been to a live football match! I felt overwhelmed!

It's very exciting to be inside a stadium, even though we had to wait for 3 hours before the match started!

The crowd was very ecstatic the moment when all the Chelsea players came out, everyone started to wave and shout!!!

Watched all the players warmed up before the match! Before this trip, I didn't know how interactive the players were to entertain the crowd!!!

Focus on my favourite players when the game started! The match ended with Chelsea winning 1-0, not so exciting but it's a friendly match, so it's supposed to be!

We had a nice buffet before going back to Singapore.

Monday, January 05, 2015

I love Twelve Cupcakes

Recently, I've got addicted to the cupcakes from the Twelve Cupcakes bakery!!! (● 'w' ●) ♪

They always come up with new flavours and I like how moist and dense their cupcakes are, yet not overly sweet!!! The designs are simple and cute too!!!

Usually they have discounted prices around 8 pm onwards, buy a dozen of cupcakes for only S$24.40, which is only about $2 each!!!