Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Signature Art Prize 2014 at Singapore Art Museum

After visiting the Still moving: A Triple Bill On The Image, we rushed to the Singapore Art Museum for the Signature Art Prize 2014.

There are 105 artworks from the Asia Pacific region. We didn't want to miss the chance to see all the artworks!

I was eager to see the "Letters From The Distance", artworks by Peng Wei! I just stood there and read all the letters.

Managed to take a honey stick before they're gone!

The artwork "Trace" by Liu Jianhua was installed on the wall!

"...In my exhibition in the UCCA Nave, there is a strong interaction between the work and the exhibition space: the two long white walls are like vast sheets of paper, with kiln-fired pieces of gleaming black porcelain appearing to drip down the walls like ink. These magnified “ink stains” are like traces of the human mind, imprints of the human soul. When we leave the bustle of the real world and enter this tranquil space, our conflicted psyches are soothed..."

We got to see most of the must-see artworks on my list including Custos Cavum (Guardian of the hole), by Choe U-Ram and Golden Teardrop by Arin Rungjang. Before we got chased out of the museum for the closing time! Well, I'll be back soon!

We walked to City Hall after our museum trips, passed by Chijmes, so we walked through this beautiful place.

We had some shopping and enjoyed our favourite Llaollao yogurt!!!

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