Sunday, January 11, 2015

Our favorite football team Chelsea FC

My husband and I are Chelsea FC fans! We love this blue team for more than a decade and still supporting this team until now! We also love Jose Mourinho, our favourite manager, please stay at Chelsea forever!!!

By the way, a few years ago, we went to see Chelsea play a friendly match against the Malaysia National Team in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Because I was in a hiatus mode from my blog that time so I didn't post this trip at all! Here are the pictures, let's rewind our memories!

On the way to Kuala Lumpur. I'm all in blue!!!

Reached our hotel, we changed into our Chelsea shirts and took a bus to the Bukit Jalil stadium!

First time I've been to a live football match! I felt overwhelmed!

It's very exciting to be inside a stadium, even though we had to wait for 3 hours before the match started!

The crowd was very ecstatic the moment when all the Chelsea players came out, everyone started to wave and shout!!!

Watched all the players warmed up before the match! Before this trip, I didn't know how interactive the players were to entertain the crowd!!!

Focus on my favourite players when the game started! The match ended with Chelsea winning 1-0, not so exciting but it's a friendly match, so it's supposed to be!

We had a nice buffet before going back to Singapore.

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