Sunday, November 19, 2006


There are a few destinations that I wish to travel to by the end of this year or within next year.

Vietnam, *I miss lotssss of things there*

Taiwan, *My favourite place*

Hong Kong, *shopping*

Japan, *shopping again, Harajuku?!!*

Korea, *winter sonata?!!*

Malaysia, *Genting!!!*

This morning I was so happy to see these green sprouts finally show up.

Do you know what did I plant? I planted pomegranate seeds.

I like this ruby fruit so much that I grow some of the seeds and hope to have a beautiful plant next time lol...Most of the people I know don't like this fruit because there are many seeds in a red pulp. But I don't mind its seeds at all because I chew the seeds as well when I eat this fruit lol.

I can't wait to watch Happy Feet next weekend. So I went to Youtube and watched this clip:

Awwww...soooo cute!!!