Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sentosa MegaZip Adventure Park

Another wonderful day at Sentosa, we wanted to conquer all the games at MegaZip Adventure Park.

We walked to the S.E.A Aquarium first, always enjoying my time there. This time, I didn't take many photos as I spent more time observing all the ocean exhibits there.

Warmed up with a round of Luge, it's fun!

Finally at MegaZip Adventure Park for our games, we purchased the Tiger tickets!!!

Getting ready!!!


Our first game was the ClimbMax!

We chose to do the second level first.

I've never played this game before and it's not as easy as it seemed, but the more I was familiar with it, the more I loved it.

Our friend Yu Rou quite underestimated this game and she almost gave up after completing the first session!

But she pumped up her courage and finished the whole course with us!

The course was exhausting and it made our muscle trembles as we have to balance ourselves all the time!

But I love challenging myself to complete any games I participated.

Amazing feeling!

After completing the ClimbMax, we proceeded to the ParaJump and the MegaZip!!! Absolutely loved these games!!! No photos captured though, as we were really high up, zooming down crazily fast with ParaJump then sliding down across the beach by MegaZip!!!

End of the awesome day filled with the adrenaline feeling!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Singapore River Safari and Night Safari

We went to the Singapore River Safari again this year, as I have more free time lately. I'm so glad to visit all the touristy places! Definitely love it!

Unfortunately, the boat ride was closed on that day, but we still bought our tickets since we were already there.

Touring all the river exhibits.

 Learned lots about the river habitat.

Took lots of photos.

Overwhelmed by a big fish tank! No, it's a giant fish tank!!!

At the Mama Panda Kitchen, escaping from the scorching sun!

Visited Kai Kai & Jia Jia's home, at Giant Panda Forest!

Laughing at the panda expressions! It's funny!

Bird watching at the wooden Viewing Deck.

Walking through the Squirrel Monkey Forest.

Visited the Giant River Otter, it gave me a high five!!!

Inside Amazon Flooded Forest!

We proceeded to the Night Safari afterwards.

Watching Creatures of the night show!

Good show!

We were advised not to take flash photography, so most of the time, I was unable to capture good shots, in the end, I put aside photography and spent more time exploring the Night Safari!

Had our quick dinner at the Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant!
Wonderful day!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Universal Studios Singapore

We have been to Universal Studios Singapore numerous times and I love all the rides there! Can't say I'm childish! Haha.

We went for Extreme Swing GX 5 at Clarke Quay, felt great as always, since this was not our first time, we enjoyed the experience even more! We were also anticipating to play the G-MAX Reverse Bungy that we had experienced before and I love the free falling feeling, but it was closed for maintenance until end of this year. Next time then.

Had delicious chilli crabs at No Signboard Seafood Restaurant! Our sister's favourite!!!

Walking on the Sentosa Boardwalk to Sentosa.  All the fun rides awaiting!

The moment we entered Universal Studios, we were greeted by cute Mascots!

We love mascots too!

Unleashing our child nature and have fun!

I love USS!

Go for the rides!!! Sesame Street ride. Not scary, good for kids! haha

Transformers ride, we love this!!!

This 3D ride is very action packed!!! Just relax and enjoyed the ride!!!

Cupcake-go-round in Transformer style!!!

Revenge of the Mummy ride is our favourite!!!

We were quite disappointed for not being able to experience the roller-coaster Battlestar Galactica ride, because it was closed indefinitely, due to a technical problem!

Anyway, we continued to play any available rides!!!

Watching awesome performance at Water World!

Photos with Madagascar's mascots!


Far far away castle!

Enjoyed every moment there!

Got wet with Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure ride!

Continued with Canopy Flyer ride!

Grab a roasted turkey leg before leaving USS!

Tired and hungry, we settled our wonderful dinner at Shashlik restaurant!!! Splendid day!!!