Saturday, April 19, 2014

Singapore River Safari and Night Safari

We went to the Singapore River Safari again this year, as I have more free time lately. I'm so glad to visit all the touristy places! Definitely love it!

Unfortunately, the boat ride was closed on that day, but we still bought our tickets since we were already there.

Touring all the river exhibits.

 Learned lots about the river habitat.

Took lots of photos.

Overwhelmed by a big fish tank! No, it's a giant fish tank!!!

At the Mama Panda Kitchen, escaping from the scorching sun!

Visited Kai Kai & Jia Jia's home, at Giant Panda Forest!

Laughing at the panda expressions! It's funny!

Bird watching at the wooden Viewing Deck.

Walking through the Squirrel Monkey Forest.

Visited the Giant River Otter, it gave me a high five!!!

Inside Amazon Flooded Forest!

We proceeded to the Night Safari afterwards.

Watching Creatures of the night show!

Good show!

We were advised not to take flash photography, so most of the time, I was unable to capture good shots, in the end, I put aside photography and spent more time exploring the Night Safari!

Had our quick dinner at the Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant!
Wonderful day!!!

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