Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We've heard about HortPark for a while, but never been there before. Last weekend we planned to drop by Ikea after our jogging, however the weather were so nice that we decided to walk to the park instead.

Unlike any other neighborhood parks, HortPark is such a charming place to visit. It's not all about greenery but the little cutesy and the country style decorations that lifted my mood!

I have an enormous burst of energy in me that when I become hyper, I can't stop myself from jumping joyfully, Lg described me as going crazy!

Each time I spotted something beautiful, Lg could always snap a picture for me spontaneously.

+"Where should we walk now?" Lg asked.
I was still hopping up and down talking loudly: "Just follow the stepping stones and find hidden treasures!!"
+"What hidden treasure?"
"There...a magical frog under the bushes, I found one!"
"What are you doing?" Lg yelled loudly!
"Kissing a fish, it's swimming towards me, can you see?"

"BearBear, look, that building looks like a rocket, doesn't it?"
"Uhm...more like a pencil!"

The park is so big that we couldn't complete it within 1 hour. I will visit this park again for the Butterfly Garden that only opens from 9am to 12 pm on the last Saturday of every month and to visit the rest of the parks in the Southern Ridges connected by the Alexandra Arch!


Xjion89 said...

Omg, what a great park!
It is so hard to find a park tat nice in Msia><

Bear Bear said...

Malaysia is so big! Sure got nice park one! :P

-JoJo- said...

Bear has overwhelming cuteness.