Friday, July 31, 2009

Unlucky me

Why am I the only one that have problems with Blogger? Weeks ago, I couldn't even publish my new post, because the "Publish" button was frozen! I thought Blogger was temporary down for a while, so I waited! But until now, finally I'm able to publish but Blogger still have not yet fully recovered!

In my posting session, I didn't see the "Preview" button and the "Compose" button anymore, the whole bar have just disappeared, so I can't post pictures either! I can only type and see my post in HTML. What's going on with Blogger? Anyone having the same problem? Or is it just me? I wrote an email to blogger though, but I didn't receive any reply yet! I'm considering changing my blog to Wordpress soon! Or maybe my blog will just disappear... =(

Anyway, Xiao Bai recovered from his eye injury after over $600 damage for 3 times visits to the vet. The second time was the most expensive, Xiao Bai had a microscope operation for removing his broken third eyelid, $300 for that operation. I'm so glad that Xiao Bai is healthy again! I brought him to the park recently and he didn't like to run far ahead of me anymore, but he walked very close to me cautiously! My dog is so cute! He really learned his lesson! ^^

p/s: Just found out that the "Save Now" button is frozen! Duh!


Jerine said...

I was thinking of you last night and I wanted to ask you to drop a words. Thank God you're here! I was a bit worried.

Anyway, it's not Blogger problem. It should be your browser problem. Change your browser. If you're using Windows, Google Chrome is good.

Bear Bear said...

I have 3 browsers in my computer, Firefox, IE and Chrome, but all of them having the same problem. So I guess Blogger have some glitches that occur on some accounts! I hope they will take a look at this and solve it soon!

Just curious, did you receive my email about my address?

22GT said...

I don't get that problem...but I mean, I do notice that with certain sites opened up on certain web browsers, they don't work completely. IE is really not the best browser (how I know: I hear it everywhere, and I've used it for several years and nothing good came out of it), but if Firefox and Chrome aren't working either, you just got to keep moving around to different web browsers to see which one works for Blogger. Try Safari, or Opera, or whatever other good browsers you hear about. And if those don't work, then I seriously hope Blogger responds to your email. It would be bad if you couldn't use blogger anymore...=(

Good luck!! And you're doggie got better!! Yay!! =)

Jerine said...

No I didn't receive any email from you. I was kinda worry about you and as I was just thinking of sending you an email, you've post this up. I'm not sure if it got into my spam though. I'll check it now.

Pandabonium said...

Glad to see a new post. I've never had a problem blogger other than when they get too busy at their end, and then I get a message to wait. I use Firefox and my computer is an iMac. I hope you find a solution to your situation.

Glad to hear Xiao Bai is better. Ouch, that was an expensive incident.

Pandabonium said...

Bear Bear - try this: Go to "settings" and scroll down to where it says "Global Settings". Make sure for "Show Compose Mode for all your blogs?" that "yes" is selected. (If you selected "no", the Compose tab would disappear.)

eMz said...

we missed you!

about your problem, though, i have never experienced it..yet. but if you're convinced that it's a Blogger problem, it may be worth reporting it to them and see how it goes. ^_^

ⓁⓊⓋ☁Yun☁ じ☆ve said...

when the problem occur, , try click....> Ctrl 5

This is the way i do.. :)

-JoJo- said...

Glad to hear dat bear bear

ⓁⓊⓋ☁Yun☁ じ☆ve said...

Sorry, should be click "Ctrl F5"

Bear Bear said...

Thanks everyone for your advice! I did as what you told. Click Crtl + 5, Yes to "Show Compose Mode". But it didn't work! @_@

Pandabonium said...

Sorry you still have that problem. Here's an article about exactly that with several possible fixes. Hope something works. (read the comments too).
Blogger Tips and Tricks

Eunice said...

It has been so long since I see you update. Lucky it's just blogger's problem. I thought you quit blogging for a moment.

And Xiao Bai is so lucky to have you as his owner :D

Shekhar Sahu said...

Hey you had problem just with Blogger.
I'd problem with my whole internet connection for a month. so you're lucky.
Well when your composer is not working you should post blog via email to
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Well beautiful blog!

Shekhar Sahu said...

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