Friday, June 19, 2009

Bad cat, expensive trip to the vet!

Yesterday Xiao Bai had a attack by a big black cat!!! When my happy-go-lucky Xiao Bai was dashing out towards the playground, I heard he screamed "Ouch" and ran back to me.

I didn't know what happened at first but only noticed his right eye was shut and he looked frightened. I tried to open his right eye with my hand and saw blood and scratches on his eyeball!

I immediately walked forward whilst holding Xiao Bai in my arms and saw a BIG cat sitting still right there near the bushes, like a big boss! I've never seen this black cat around our place before. I was so emotional and gave that cat a fierce stare as if I wanted to kill it. It stared back at me as if it wanted to challenge me, made me so angry that I shouted at it: "BAD CAT!!! GO AWAY!!!". It ran away before I finished shouting!

I hate those arrogant cats!!! Not all cats though. Some cats are pretty friendly. Xiao Bai is a super gentle dog, he'll never fight, if it was my parent's German Shepherd, this cat would probably lose its head if it ever dared to hurt him.

I quickly brought Xiao Bai back home and carefully looked at his eyeball, I knew that I couldn't do anything to cure him by myself but had to bring him to the vet.

The vet told me it wasn't serious and Xiao Bai's vision won't be affected much. But the damage after seeing the vet was $167.45. Xiao Bai had a scratch on the eye, why the vet had to do the unnecessary checkups to add up to the receipt? This is what I hate about seeing vets! The vet merely use the lamp to see the eyes for less than 3 minutes and that cost $21.40? I didn't see him do anything else for Xiao Bai as I was there, but in the receipt was written what laboratory test that cost $64.20! What the hell was that for? And what was the Flourescein Stain that he did for Xiao Bai? None!

I still had to pay for all the crap that was stated there!!! Plus my $30 taxi fare to and fro added up to about $200 for visiting the vet!!!

It's darn expensive! Damn that cat!!!

The vet told me to bring XiaoBai back there 3 days later. I could even write down the next receipt he is going to charge.

+Consultation: $32.10 (For looking at my dog's eye?)
+Flourescein Stain: $10.70 (What the hell is that?)
+Slit Lamp Examination: $21.40 (For freaking 1 minute next time?)
+Prep Profile II: $64.20 (No idea!)

Let's see what else he can add in. I don't want to go back there at all!!!


Pandabonium said...

Poor Xiao Bai! I hope he is feeling (and seeing) OK. That was an expensive trip to the vet. Momo's vet doesn't charge so much when she needs to see him.

It does seem like vet visits are more expensive there than in Japan, but to be fair, even if a vet just sees your dog for a few minutes, he has costs for administrating the paperwork and other staff in the clinic. Those costs are the same no matter how many minutes he spends.

As for fluorescein stain - from a medical guide: "This is a test that uses orange dye (fluorescein) and a blue light to detect foreign bodies in the eye. This test can also detect damage to the cornea, the outer surface of the eye."

That was probably a good thing to do to assess the damage.

Prep Profile II is a test which vets use in checking for many diseases. The test uses chemical reactions which can spot a dozen or so different problems.

Very expensive encounter with that cat! Be angry with the cat owner who just lets their cat out to roam around and cause trouble.

Get well soon, Xiao Bai.

Bear Bear said...

Awww, Thank you so much for your comment. It helps me to know what those charges were for! That means the doctor didn't over charge me!

I did see the doctor dropped some orange liquid into Xiao Bai eye and used the blue light. ^^

So I'm going to bring Xiao Bai back 3 days later, hopefully the bill is not as much as this time.

Now Xiao Bai still cannot open his right eyes much! I don't want Xiao Bai to become a "pirate dog"! =(

Xjion89 said...

halo, long time no c.
Oh gosh, a fierce cat indeed.
Anyway, hope he is all fine(^^)

Sumuk said...

Xiao Bai really did say 'ouch'? LOL! Oopss sorry just to lighten you up. Pity you.. i know how you feel. Last time I brought my cat twice to vet, soo expensive. Remember I told you about the medication (minyak Gamat from langkawi) it solve all the problems that the vet can do.

anywhere, take good care of your Xiao Bai. Bring him to a recommended vet by other friends if necessary.. take care!

Bear Bear said...


Halo Xjion89! Long time no see! Hope you're doing well! ^^


He did scream something like "Ouch" lol, maybe "whoop" sounds better! XD

Last time when you told me about Minyak Gamat, I tried to look for it but I couldn't find it. =(

Thanks for your concern!!! ^-^

cube said...

I hope your dog feels better soon & his eye heals well. It looks like you were both attacked. Your dog by the cat and you and your wallet by the vet!!!

-JoJo- said...

That's really expensive but if really can make Xiao Bai recover, I think that's worth it right? D@mn the black wild cat too.

Sumuk said...

minyak gamat is for internal and external injury, but for eyes maybe not suitable :D

minyak gamat is made from sea cucumber, which is also very well known among the Chinese to have a healing property. It promote growth of new healthy cells.

Normally it is being sold by the Malay traditional medicine stall seller. If you happen to see one in JB, just asked them, I'm sure they would have. I would love to send u one, but I dont think it'll reach you as I think Singapore has very strict law about sending liquid in the mail.

Bear Bear said...


You're right! We were both attacked! XD



For my beloved Xiao Bai, it's worth it!^^

But I didn't expect it was this expensive for some scratches! =(

From now on, I have to be even more careful bringing him out!



Ya lor, it's his eyeball some more! XD

I still have some cream for his external wound given by the doctor last time.^^

chicamom85 said...

What a cute doggy, I hope he is ok.


Jerine said...

OMG! That black cat is so scary. Poor thing. Xiao Bai must be really painful. What to do about the vet fees? General practitioner also that expensive. Everything today is expensive.

By the way, can you email me your address? I have something to send to you. No, it's not time bomb.

♥dollies said...

How's xiao bai now already? Nowadays cat so so daring ... last time i still dare to sayang them .. now see them ... like want to attack me like that !

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Jerine said...

Hey... where are you? I miss you! Quick come back!!!!

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Dear Xiao Bai - I hope your summer is going well and you are staying cool. It feels hot here, even with my close haircut.

tailwags to you.

22GT said...

Awww...what a cute doggie. If I could afford to have such an adorable dog like that, I'd for sure get one.
But I do hope he's okay!! =)