Friday, October 24, 2008

I groomed Xiao Bai myself

So you already read about me cutting and styling my own hair. Now you'll be surprised to know that I groomed my dog Xiao Bai by myself too. I've been grooming Xiao Bai for about 2 years already.

Before that, I usually sent Xiao Bai out for a grooming service once every 3 months. But since he got wounded twice from different grooming services, I decided to learn how to groom his hair by myself. The first time, we didn't notice it, until we saw him walking strangely like dancing with his hind legs, or like a drunken kung fu dog. So I checked and saw he got a deep cut near to his groin area. My heart was broken when I saw that. I bought him to see the vet and got some medicines to prevent infections and some cream to apply on the wound. Seeing the vet is expensive! But I couldn't stand seeing Xiao Bai got hurt. When he was hurt, he looked really pitiful. He is a very special and emotional dog...The second time, he got a wound on his buttock and that was the last time he got his grooming outside.

This is Xiao Bai, my funky dog ready to be groomed!

It took me about 2 hours to make a macho Xiao Bai become a skinny looking Xiao Bai. I cut really slowly and carefully, because I don't want to accidentally hurt him. It took me another hour to trim him to make him look cuter and neater.

Finished...Xiao Bai's gratitude to me. Such a sweet dog!

After shampooing, blowing and combing...See how puppy looking he become.

What do you think about my skill?


Sumuk said...

hi bearbear. ur dog very cute.

btw, for wound, after having my lesson sending my cat twice for wound infection to vet before, i stop because it was just too expensive. now i apply our own medication. u've heard of sea cucumber oil? it might cost u only SGD2, and can be used many times. and it really work. even my future mom-in-law use it for his shih-tzu big wound last time. not sure where u can get one, in malaysia it normally sold by malay traditional medicine stall. u can check from sinseh i believe.

for my dog now, since he is big and quite aggresive, we used antiseptic spray. u can get it in supermarket in dog section.

but with ur dog in your good hand, i'm sure he will not get any more wound in the future :D

Xjion89 said...

ooooo, ur dog is super cute.! halo, juz passing by! hv a nice day(^^)

jerine said...

what can i're so talented. i can never cut my own hair and not to mention a dog's hair. and your xiao bai is sooooooo cute~ i love it :)

btw, i saw your post on your style in my bookmark. why didn't you publish it? your final fantasy make is superb.

Bear Bear said...

To sumuk:

wow, only 2 dollars? That's really cheap! I will try to see where can I get that oil for Xiao Bai. Thanks for sharing Sumuk. ^^


To Xjion89:

Hi there! Have a nice day to you too!

To Jerine:

You're flattering me. I think you're more talented in many other ways.

About my style post. After posting it, I thought that's a silly idea of sharing my makeup and what I wore in detail. My thought was that nobody actually care about how other people makeup or dress up! So I kept it as a draft. But after receiving feedback from my friends and your comment today. I think I will repost it.

YANZ said...

awww, ur dog is SOOOO cute!! =D

Sumuk said...

i wanted to comment on your makeup post previously, i thought it was brilliant. do not think we don't care.. it's ur blog. u must write what u passionate about. ppl will eventually see that.

btw, it doesn't hurt anybody eyes.. u look good and you are good at what ur doing. don't be shy :D

and i honestly believe ur going to have a very good future ;)

Bear Bear said...

Sumuk, you're so sweet! I really appreciate your kind words.

So yup, I must be confident and post what I want to. :D

eMz said...

awww, so cute! ^_^

eMz said...

me again!

i added your site to my link list too. thanks for dropping by! ^_^

jerine said...

you should post it. it's one of your talent too. some people can buy 500 dollar outfit and still looks like shit. who knows few years down the line someone might ask you to write a book on fashion because they like your style :)

Bear Bear said...

Ouch...Jerine Jerine!!!

I can never make that far lah! :D

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Wow, Xiao Bai, you look great. BearBear does a really good job.

Sorry you got hurt at the "professional" dog groomer.

Pandabonium and K wash me and cut my hair. They do an OK job, nothing great, but I don't have to worry about being injured by them.

jerine said...

you didn't try you'll never know

Bear Bear said...

Xiao Bai said woof to Momo: You always look great too Momo! So we both are very lucky to be loved by our owners. Take care! ^^