Sunday, October 19, 2008

Recycle the boxes

What are you going to do with your empty tissue box? Throw it away?
For me, I'll keep it so that I can make those boxes useful again.
Look at what those tissue boxes can do in this picture, they are my mini storages to keep my stuff neat and organized.

I usually use 3 boxes to combine to become one new box with three segments.

These boxes look sweet, aren't they?

Look at the boxes from the top, you can see how I made it. I used double sided tape to tape the bottom, and stapler to form different compartments. Notice that I use the outer layer of another box to make the compartments so that they have the same length and height.

To make the box more sturdy to hold books or heavier stuff, you can make one box without compartment (like the second box from the picture) and slot another one inside it (the first box) so that it will look similar to the third box.

Even my shoe boxes are useful too. Hee^^...Let's go for recycle everyone.


Lilize said...

i ued to do that too all the time :D

i also used wrapping paper to cover the boxes, it looked cute.. then i gave it as a present for my bffs so we could keep each others letters lol

Amran Shahir Ismail said...

you're pretty creative.. never thought of recycling my tissue boxes. I usually get organizing stuff from stationary shops. Now i know what to do. :D

Bear Bear said...

Hey lilize, you and me have quite a few things in common, or we just love to D.I.Y. :D


To Amran Shahir Ismail:

Thanks for commenting on my blog. ^^

jerine said...

so cool.... why don't you use some design papers like wrapping paper to wrap it around. it will definitely look much better :)

Bear Bear said...

To jerine:

I tried before, but the wrapping papers easily get scratches that way. That's why I still prefer to make the boxes as simple as possible. ^^

Chunks of Reality said...

Found you via BlogExplosion and wanted to say hello!! :)

Jerine said...

oh i see... i feel like doing it :) i'm going to try your method once im done with my exam

-JoJo- said...

Wow! That's pretty. Thanks for sharing your creativity. Next time i'll think twice before throw the tissue boxes :p

The Social Frog said...

Great ideas :)

Ivan Girl said...

wow, those are fantastic boxes to begin with. :) like you, i recycle a lot of stuff especially if they don't look like garbage at all. :)