Sunday, April 02, 2017

Baby Diary Part 1

After almost 2 years since my last post, I am back to writing my blog again! I don't know why I can't post pictures with my phone but I will figure it out later!

I will update about my new journey with my son! It's a very exciting journey that I eagerly wake up to breathe in every moment that I share with my boy!

As promised I will post about my pregnancy progress, my feelings and my experience that I previously noted in my phone!

So here it is:

-Baby diary part 1-

Friday 13 February 2015

I am roughly 7 weeks onwards in my pregnancy but I don't feel a thing really, which is a good news! Valentine's is coming tomorrow, I was cheekily talking to my husband that this year he gave me the biggest present, hahha, actually I robbed this present out of him! But it seems like my husband loves me very much after all the turmoil I made! Despite him being not so excited about the pregnancy news and even showed me how upset and moody he was after knowing about this news, for a week! But he still did some research and study about how to prepare and cope with my pregnancy! He supplied me all types of nutritious food I need! He is no longer tensed up when thinking about a new member in our family! Please stay this way! Cross my fingers!

- Sunday 15 Feb 2015

Each day passed by and slowly I feel uncomfortable with my body functions! Mostly feeling sick whenever I eat something and have no craving for any food, veggie or even fruits! Everything didn't feel tasty to me anymore! Whenever I swallowed some food, I got awful feeling and no longer want to eat anything! I started to become impatient, how people can wait for 9 months to get a baby? Now I hope I will get my period soon! I hate waiting! I must try to exercise more! I don't feel good at all! Feeling weird and kind of sick!

- Monday 16 Feb 2015

I started to have food aversion, I feel blandness in my tongue so I didn't enjoy my food at all these days! About 8pm, Laogong asked if I wanted to eat anything, he will go buy take away food for me! I thought of seafood horfun and Laogong straight away went out to buy for me! I still not really enjoy the food but I was touched by how caring Laogong was to me! We shared a huge portion and later laogong asked how was I feeling, then he suddenly hugged me and held my stomach, cheekily asked: "Anyone there? Don't make my wife uncomfortable hor! She made you one!" My husband is super cute! I love him very much!!

- Thursday 19 February 2015

Laogong brought me to the River Hongbao, to eat the chicken barbecue that I wanted since last year! It was very crowded and we had so much fun immersing ourselves in the New Year atmosphere! Oh, forgot to mention, yesterday on the New Year's Eve, I cooked abalone porridge and fried battered scampi for us as Laogong is always looking forward to these dishes!! Delicious as usual! My cooking skill is steady!
👉🏻To be continued on my next post! I don't know why I can't post any longer when blogging from my phone! 😾

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