Sunday, August 31, 2008

With Phuong Mai

On Friday 29th of August, my friend Mai came and stayed over for one night at my place. We got so much things to chat and I wished she could stay longer. We went out to have our dinner and shopping nearby.

At a Chinese restaurant called Soup Restaurant.

After our dinner, we went to play games in an arcade center.
I love to play Bishi Bashi!!!

Mai was the winner in this racing game. ^^

We bought sushi for our supper here.

My friend is so cute!

A close shot of us, before Mai going back soon. I missed her already...

After that, I went to the Comex show to search for my new camera and a portable hard drive.

Bought ice-cream on the way.

Look at the crowd at the Comex show, it's so crowded! So I just quickly bought my stuff and got out of that place.

But it's really worth it for my efforts to squeeze in there, because I got this camera at a cheaper price and lots of freebies. It includes two 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, two batteries, 1 camera case, 1 cleaning kit, 1 tripod stand, 1 dry box, 1 screen protector.

At first, I was thinking between this camera and the Olympus Mju 1060, but that one was still not available at the Comex show. So I decided on this Sony DSC-T300. I'm glad that I bought this, I love it so much with its touch screen display and many other functions.


Pandabonium said...

Beautiful picture of you and Mai close up.

In the sushi picture I notice the kegs of sake along the wall, and the bug lantern that says "tecchiri" - blowfish and vegetables. I've never tried that.

Bear Bear said...

Thanks Pandabonium! ^^

You've never tried tecchiri? But you're living in Japan now! Why?

Pandabonium said...

Haven't had the chance. Not such a common thing out here in the countryside. Maybe next time I visit the "big city" ;).

Pandabonium said...

"bug lantern"??? I meant "BIG" lantern of course!

Bear Bear said...

Hahahahha, I guessed you meant "Big" not "bug" too...^^