Saturday, July 12, 2008

Singapore Jurong BirdPark

We went to Singapore Jurong BirdPark recently. We love the BirdPark a lot, so almost every year we'll visit there at least one time. I and the kids are always excited when we see new things. That's why it's never been boring to visit the BirdPark again and again.

This cage is for The World's Most Dangerous Creature. Are we?

This is blue-headed Cassowary. My nephew liked it so much and kept asking me to take some photos of it.

My nephews were so excited when they saw this area, so they decided to stop there to play for a while.

We always love to see this show everytime we come here. This is Birds 'n Buddies Show.

This was the most exciting part. I'm glad that I captured this picture at the right time.

After a wonderful show, my cute nephews still wanted to take photos with the parrots. It was so crowded but I still managed to snap a picture of them with a little parrot behind.

After that, we quickly rushed to see the Birds of Prey show. This is our favorite show too.

The last place we went to is Lory Loft. It's always lots of fun whenever I go for outings with my family members.

Were they kissing? No, they were fighting! hahahaha

I love this photo, how sweet!

Just 5 minutes before we miss the last train, Zhuang Zhuang, one of my nephew insisted to see the water fall. So we rushed there to take some photos and rushed back to the train station.

The BirdPark is a very big and exciting place. But we didn't go to many parts of the park this time. Still, we had plenty of funs and as I always say that's one of my happy days.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. I love all the pictures of the birds, they are so beautiful and colorful. Make me want to see them close up. All we have here are humpback whales. Its hard to hold them in your

Bear Bear said...

Hi teckno junky! Thanks for your comments. I've visited your blog just now and sure I will visit it next time again soon. So don't give up on blogging. ^^