Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sentosa part 1

Before going to Sentosa Island, we went to Vivocity shopping centre.

Again is my two nephews playing inside the water, on the roof top of the shopping centre. After that we took a train to go to Sentosa Island.

Our first place to visit is the Under Water World. This is the first time I have ever touched a stingray. After the incident about a stingray that killed "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, I'm a little scared of them. But that day, I'm glad that I was still brave enough to touch the skin of a stingray.

Its skin felt so soft and smooth. They always like to swim close to people and when my hand touched it, it slightly raised its head towards me, LIKE A CAT! That's how I felt. So adorable! That's why I decided to buy something to feed them.

It only cost 3 dollars to feed them with some pieces of fish and squid. I fed them gently and when they came to take the fish, I was afraid that they might bite my fingers too, so I just dropped it into the water for the first time. But after that I directly fed them into their mouth and I could feel them sucking the fish from my hand into their mouths.

You can feed the small fishes inside that fish tank like how I did too.

After that we walked around to see all the exhibitions there. I didn't take many photos as it's very crowded that day. People kept squeezing each other to take photos. So we left for Sentosa beach.

Random photo of a flower that I took on the way.

Sentosa beach!

There was a slight drizzle that day, but we still went down to the beach to play.

Hi to you all!

1, 2, 3 jump!!!

We were so happy playing on the beach.

I was drawing...

A heart!

Completed with my footprint!

It's a Bear's signature!

Cleaning up my feet. It's time to go as the rain had become heavier.

We went to eat something at Delifrance and was waiting for the rain to stop.

But the rain didn't stop at all and my nephews insisted to play the Luge, that's why you can see us in raincoats. Playing the Luge is so fun, we love it and definitely will come back again next time.

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